Greetings gamers! We have a whole new feature, some new official Roll20 sheets, an update to our 5th Edtiion OGL sheet, as well as a highly requested sheet put forth by our community! Developer Spotlight We have a lot of new updates that came earlier this week, so lets highlight the changes and whats going on! Advanced Fog of War The new feature introduced to Roll20 for subscribers! Fog will be dynamically cleared away as a token moves through the page- and any viewed areas will become desaturated of colors until in immediate line of sight once again! You can find out everything you need to know on our wiki page for Advanced Fog of War ! If you run into any issues please feel free to check out our bug thread on the topic . We have resolved a few bugs already including an issue that caused free users to not be able to save page settings . We are still collecting information and working on performance improvements! Two new Official Sheets, update to 5th Edition OGL New Sheet: GUMSHOE Official Sheet You can check our some of the features and keep track up any updates in this thread . Dungeon World Official Sheet You can check out features and how to use it here . We have put out a few fixes already based on feedback, thank you! 5th Edition OGL by Roll20 v2.0 Check out the new features of this update here ! We have had a lot of feedback from the community thus far and we have been actively squashing all of the bugs brought up! We also have some Compendium updates for 5th Edition going on! You can get caught up on whats coming here ! WOTC Highlights All spellcasting NPC's in official WOTC modules will be updated to the new 5E 2.0 sheet functionality. To check on progress of these patches, keep an eye on this forum thread- WOTC Module NPC Sheet Updates Do not fear, adventurers! The prior functionality is still there and will work just fine in your games as we update. Community Highlights This week we have the Starfinder Simple sheet made by Phillip Goettsch ! On the Marketplace Scifi Tokens 1 , Scifi Tokens 2 & Scifi Tokens 3 by Naughty Zoot It's a great time for scifi fans, and this week has you set with three beautiful new token sets from Naughty Zoot Portal Packs - Building Essentials - Interstellar Colonies by Mythic Portal Games Mythic Portal Games gives us a great place for all of your cool new scifi characters to hang! That is all for this week! -Drespar