Drag and Drop not working for NPC builds on 5th OGL 2.0


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When i attempt to drag and drop weapons like light crossbow or quarterstaff when building anNPC it shows the pop up "dropping from compendium" box but does not add it. Oddly enough, when i unselect the NPC box in settings all the weapons i dropped when it was on NPC are on the character sheet? It works for spells on the NPC, but not weapons. This worked before, so i assume it's just a bug with the new update? i I have tried this in Chrome and Safari and the charater sheet is NOT popped out.  Thanks for any help!
This is something that should have been posted to the 5e OGL thread as it pertains specifically to that character sheet. That being said, this bug has been brought to the devs' attention. Hopefully they are able to get it working. In the meantime, I would suggest manually adding these attacks. With the new functionality, I think this is going to take some time to figure out how to handle this. Previously you would create an empty attack on the character sheet and drop the weapon in it. Because you no longer have to have this empty slot for the drag-and-drop the character is adding the item  that is stored in the compendium to the items  of the character sheet.
Thanks for the heads up!
I'm not sure if this is more work or not than manually adding but you could drag the weapon, switch to PC, click on the attack, up arrow in chat and copy and paste the resulting code into a token macro in the abilities section of the sheet.