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D&D 5e - Can monster special abilities roll damage automatically?

I'm using the Roll20 monster manual tokens, and while standard attacks can be set to roll damage, I can't see that there is a way for special abilities to roll it as well - for example, a dragon's breath weapon or wing attack legendary action. They say what they do in the description but don't actually roll the dice. Am I missing something or is this not possible currently?

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Ed S.
It is possible but you have to code it yourself. I feel the content creators really dropped the ball on the possibility of what this platform is capable of. You can do it yourself easy enough by going into the description and putting double brackets [[ ]] around the die rolls i.e. [[12d6]] for the fire breath. When it is output to chat it will make the roll. 
Guess I'll have to do that then - thanks for the tip.