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Overwrote Character Sheet with a Monster Page

Hey all,  I was trying to update my players' Character Sheets to the new OGL 5e 2.0 sheets, and the Compendium Search bugged out and instead of dragging an item into her inventory it refreshed and dropped the Aboleth character sheet into hers. Now I can't figure out how to undo it or get her character sheet back to normal. I have a backup of her sheet on D&D Beyond but I don't have any of her inventory backed up.  Please please please tell me there's some way to revert/undo this? :( 
Uncheck NPC-option from sheet (hover mouse cursor near name to see cog, click to reveal options and then locate the said option at the end). One of my players also did the same and while we got things salvaged as I keep track of their vital stats, it still was undesirable because it overwrites things like stats, hit points, AC and such with monster stats.
This is perfect. You're a lifesaver; thank you so much! :D