How do i get the halfling luck error to go away?

I have tried everything with these sheets and i can't get anything to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My death save, initiative, attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and spells don't work! I have custom macros for all of these things and it's not updating!
Custom macros do not update. You will need to recreate the macros yourself/manually unfortunately. The easiest way is to make the roll using the character sheet, push the up arrow in chat to get the last run command, and copy-paste the command into your macros.
Ed S.
Halfling luck is no longer an attribute. You will need to rebuild all your custom macros using  @{selected|d20} instead of 1d20. d20 is a new attribute which includes Halfling luck if it is checked. Here is a basic attack macro for my dagger @{Selected|wtype}&{template:atkdmg} {{mod=+7}} {{rname=Dagger}} {{r1=[[@{Selected|d20}cs>20 + 2[DEX] + 5[PROF]]]}} @{Selected|rtype}cs>20 + 2[DEX] + 5[PROF]]]}} {{attack=1}} {{range=5'}} {{damage=1}} {{dmg1flag=1}} {{dmg1=[[1d4]]}} {{dmg1type=Piercing }} 0 {{dmg2=[[0]]}} {{dmg2type=}} {{crit1=[[1d4[CRIT]]]}} {{crit2=[[0[CRIT]]]}} 0 {{desc=}}{{spelllevel=}} @{Selected|global_attack_mod} @{Selected|global_damage_mod} @{Selected|global_damage_mod_crit} {{globaldamagetype=@{Selected|global_damage_type}}} ammo= @{Selected|charname_output} And here is the code for a Wisdom save. @{Selected|wtype}&{template:simple} {{rname=^{wisdom-save-u}}} {{mod=@{Selected|wisdom_save_bonus}}} {{r1=[[@{Selected|d20}+@{Selected|wisdom_save_bonus}@{Selected|pbd_safe}]]}} @{Selected|rtype}+@{Selected|wisdom_save_bonus}@{Selected|pbd_safe}]]}} @{Selected|global_save_mod} @{Selected|charname_output}
Thanks for the replies! I thought i was doing something wrong with the sheets! I forgot about the up arrow trick. Thanks!