Kiss and Makeup [Cutscene]


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@DuskshineMLP: The company you want is Espionage Cosmetics. Saw their booth at GeekGirlCon. @DontCallMeZelda: So what is the product specifically? @DuskshineMLP: They call it Mirror Mask. It's a foundation embedded with tiny reflective nanoparticles. @DuskshineMLP: Flash photos are ruined, nobody can take pictures of your face with it on. @DontCallMeZelda: And the rest of the stuff they sell can disguise a face against recognition? @DuskshineMLP: Probably. Like, your team wants to go out in public without being spotted, right? @DontCallMeZelda: yeah @DuskshineMLP: Okay, so you just need to change the contours of the face, highlight different areas. @DuskshineMLP: Anything that alters the original symmetry of the face will work. @DontCallMeZelda: Awesome, thanks. @DuskshineMLP: So um, don't take this the wrong way, but you're mostly boys, right? @DontCallMeZelda: Yeah @DuskshineMLP: Are they going to be comfortable wearing makeup? @DuskshineMLP: BetaBrand makes Flashback jackets & hoodies that can do the same job. @DontCallMeZelda: I saw their Silverscreen scarf, looks awesome. @DontCallMeZelda: I'm not gonna make these people wear makeup if they aren't comfortable @DontCallMeZelda: But believe or not I also know some girls. @DuskshineMLP: Ohhhh? @DontCallMeZelda: Well, anyway, I don't have a problem with makeup, because of one girl. @DontCallMeZelda: Early in her life, she was worried people wouldn't see her as a girl because of how she looked. @DontCallMeZelda: She & I tried a lot of stuff. Fashion, makeup, whatever. It was important to her. @DontCallMeZelda: She's beautiful, has always been, but now everyone can clearly see it. @DuskshineMLP: Yeah. I can relate. @DontCallMeZelda: I learned to respect the power of this stuff, even if I'm bad at it. @DontCallMeZelda: I learned girls live in this whole other universe boys know nothing about. @DontCallMeZelda: Frex she got me on exfoliating. Amazing. @DuskshineMLP: Interesting. Early on you came off as pretty macho. Like a racer boi. @DontCallMeZelda: I can like cars & power armor and have room for makeup & fashion. @DuskshineMLP: And ponies? @DontCallMeZelda: Well, our team is named the Menagerie.
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Buncha MLP-themed hacktivists, we've got here. I love it.
Doyce T. said: Buncha MLP-themed hacktivists, we've got here. I love it. There actually was an Espionage Cosmetics booth at GGC though they didn't sell this stuff, and the BetaBrand Flashback stuff really exists for celebrities in the real world. The name was striking enough that I thought it'd work well here. Mostly I want to see how Jason and Harry react to Leo telling them "we can make sure people don't recognize you casually, but you'll have to wear this stuff", while Pneuma whips out the powder puff.  :D