Is it possible to implement the ToA Death Save Variant Rule with the 5E Shaped Companion Script?

Hey all, as a guy who can't do proper programming, I was wondering if it's possible to have the Death Save tracking feature in the 5E Shaped Companion API Script adhere to the ToA variant "Meat Grinder" rule of death saving throws succeeding on a roll of 15 or higher instead of the usual 10? Much appreciated for your time and effort.
I haven't got the Shaped Sheet in front of me right now, but is there not a place to add/subtract a mod to death saving throws in the sheet somewhere? I know it won't look the same but if you set the mod to -5 it would have the same effect.
Hmm, ohh yeah, if I go into each individual sheets and add a modifier I can put a -5 to the death saves. Thanks man, hadn't thought of that.