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[LFGM][LFP][LFG] Heavy Roleplaying Games


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Heyo, Nerds I'm King, as most people online call me, and I have been looking for something... let's say, that is rather difficult to find; as many reading this would know! For the past several weeks I have been keeping an eye on forums, games, even joining groups, and with all my work I still have not found a decent heavy RP game! Many that claim to be heavy RP still skip important dialog, glaze over vital details, and often cut off player choices entirely! It... it makes me wanna weep. With this being said I am posting my first ever public forum post! I am here to find a group or start one up. I am fine with either as long as it has the most important thing... Players and a GM who legitimately WANT to roleplay heavily as a character or NPC and develop a story! I know many will look at this and merely x out before you even get this far in, but if you have stayed then thank you! Below is a link to a discord server you can join if you're interested in trying to find a game that is truly for the RPing and Story! Please, both GMs and players join! If it gets popular it can become a hub for a group of friends to find and develop games with other players they really want a story driven game . Click For Roleplay!
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