Map Image Improperly Scaled on Tablets

I attempted to use the site in Chrome (regular and desktop mode) on a Samsung Tab E, and noticed that unless I had the map zoomed all the way out, the map image did not scale according to the dimensions I had set for it (which I had done painstakingly to get the printed hexes to align with the hex grid). Even odder is that at certain zoom levels, the map would get distorted, where one side of the screen was the correct aspect ratio, and then past a certain point the width would increase dramatically. This seems similar to an older bug I found related to iPads here
Roll20 Team
Hi  Angela D. Could you please carefully work through to the first three steps of our guide to Solving Technical Issues : Step 1: Make sure to use the right browser Please check if these issues persist when using both Chrome and Firefox. Step 2: Ensure that there are no extensions/addons interfering with Roll20 Please disable all add-ons/extensions and anti-virus programs. Step 3: Clear your cache If none of the above succeeds, please have your player thoroughly work through Step 4 . (Don't forget the complete Console Log!) Thank you!