[LFP] [5E Ponyfinder] [EST]


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Starting a game, with a friend. Looking for 3 more players, new players are very much, welcomed. The game will use 5E ruleset and Ponyfinder for the character creation. Session will be in EST time, in the evenings (7est pm, be played weekly) The days will be decided once I have everyone’s availability It will be Text only for superior roll play immersion. I realize not everyone have the ponyfinder book, so just pick a race below if are interested in joining. I will provide more information on the races in session0   Ponies Earth-Bound Pegasus Unicorn Leather wings(Bat ponies) Sea horse Zebra Other races Cloven (Goats) Flutterpony Griffon Phoenix Wolf Purrsians (winged felines) Stealheart(Pony constructs) Sun cats Players  Unicorn: Paladin. Leather wing(Batpony) Rogue. Stealheart: Wizard
I have 5E races book and setting book, and would love to join. I have never played before, so not sure on how to make my character sheet. BTW, I do have discord if you plan on using it.
Awesome, love to have you. Doing session0, I will help you make your character sheet, or if you would like, I can help you before session0. Just send me a private massage with your discord ID. And yes, we will be using Discord for organizing.
Hello.  I'd be interested in joining but my time window is pretty limited.  I'm on the west coast and work monday to friday regular job, so I would need Saturday or Sunday for this to work, since you're several hours ahead of me.  I own all the core books for 5E and all the Dawn pony books as I was involved in the kickstarter to help Silver print it.  Big fan of 5E and Ponyfinder for Pathfinder.  Hope to see you.
That may work, I'll discuss it with the other members of the group. Also, do you have Discord? 
Yes, to both the voice chat program and the chaos lord.  I've used Roll20 before so I have some of the tools to use it.
Awesome, can you PM me your Discord ID?
Heya! This looks interesting! My discord is William#7031. Message me when you can!
Added you on Discord. 
I believe my connect is from another game Dorias#9253.  I'm hoping that's correct.
Might also be Dorias#3372.
Cool, got it 
I just found this, but if you still have space, I'd be very interested in playing.