Mega Man Legends Show of Interest

I wanna know how many people on roll20 would be interested in a Mega man legends OVA RPG. That way if I get a lot of replies on this I will know if it's worth making or not. Basically a thread to see who would show interest. 

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Mega man legends hmm. what main game in series will this be? Mega Man Legends The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Mega Man Legends 2 Mega Man Legends 3

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I wanna use the MegaMan legends world as a setting. It won't follow the main MegaMan legends cannon lore to a T. So basically one of my own design. But if you wanna think timelines I was thinking a year after MegaMan 2. But like I said this is a thread to see if anyone is gonna show interest if I make it. That way I know not to waste my time if hardly anyone wants to try this out.

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Actually a good concept....if it works. I almost thought it's a DM looking for players.
Nah just wanted to see who would wanna play a game like this 
Alright just gonna bump this up one last time. Hopefully there will be some replies in this thread.
Depending on the time/day, I could see myself being into it.
I will think about those details when there's enough interest in the game but it seems it's getting a little bit popular so I might do it :)