The Wizard's Amulet 5E New DM


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Hello there Going to give Dming a go. So looking for players. ( already have two players) every 2nd Saturday night, in the GMT time zone. Campaign world I am using is Frog God Games Lostlands, and starting of with a module call The Wizard's Amulet, which has pre gen characters with some good backgrounds containing Lore from the world. But we don't have to stick to these.  But remember I am new at this so going to make loads of mistakes and the rest of the time I will wing it. This game will be for 18+ as there may be some adult content. We will be playing 5E Cheers Frank
Hello there Just a little bump, have now got 3 players, looking for 2-3 more. Cheers Frank
What time are you running your games? I sometimes work up to 10pm (even on sundays -i know...)
Sorry we are going to be starting about 6 or 7
i could not commit to being regular then, pity....
Hello there Just a small bump am still looking for 1-2 players. Thanks Frank
Hello there Looking for 1 more player. We are going to do a session 0 to look at character etc on Saturday 21st at 7 pm GMT Cheers Frank
I've been meaning to join a group - let me know if there is still a space open!
Let me know if there is space too, I'd like to join
Olga Sporry about this but all full now. But if it does not work pout I will get back to you.