[LFP], Shadowrun 5e, Sunday Nights, ETZ


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Hello! My group is currently looking for two players for a Shadowrun 5e campaign. The current players have very little experience with the system, so whether you are a new player or an old hand, you are welcome to apply! Some information about the game: Because Shadowrun deals with some mature concepts, we'd prefer you to be 18+to apply. The game will be both text and voice; text for roleplay, voice for answering questions and OOC chat. We will be focusing on Trenchcoat-style gameplay, light on wetwork. We are currently missing Matrix support and a Rigger, although you do not have to fit either of these roles to apply. There will be some houserules, which will be open for discussion. You will require Discord or Chummer5a to play (but if you need help setting up or using Chummer we will be glad to assist). If you have any questions, feel free to ask in this thread! Otherwise, if you are interested in applying,  here is the campaign link . Please read both the game description and the flagged discussion post about applications before submitting. Thanks for reading!
I'm very interested in joining as well but have zero experience with shadowrun. Are you still looking?
Gm here. Can confirm we are.
Well let me know what I can do to apply. Thank you, Jim
I'd like to apply as well if there are places. Thanks -J
I wouldn't mind throwing my hat into the ring if you're still looking for a Rigger.
Hey Turncoat and Jay! If you're interested in applying, follow the campaign link in my original post, read the instructions, and post an Application. If you need anything clarified or have any further questions, feel free to ask here or in PM. Jim, you've already posted an application. We're still looking over them.