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[5e OGL] Using ChatSetAttr to automatically tick off death saves/fails

I'm trying to fudge together a way that when I roll for a death save it will automatically fill the check box for a death save or fail depending on whichever is appropriate. I currently have it so when I roll for a death save I can click on the name of the roll and that will trigger an ability macro that will check the right box. This works for checking one box but I need it so if the first box is ticked it will check the second and then the third if the second is ticked. This is the closest I can get but I'm not familiar enough with ChatSetAttr's evaluate to actual  know what I'm doing so any help would be appreciated. !setattr {{--name @{character_name} --evaluate  --deathsave_succ1|on  --deathsave_succ2|("%deathsave_succ1%" === "on") ? "on": 0 --deathsave_succ3|("%deathsave_succ1%" === "on") ("%deathsave_succ2%" === "on") ? "on": 0 }}
I believe the OGL sheet is designed to tick the boxes already, if you're using the companion script -- and clicking the sheet roll for it.
I'm such an idiot, I was in /talktomyself so the API wasn't outputting when I first checked to see if that was a thing. Thank you for saving me wasting even more time than I already had on this.