In-game Clock Based on Position of the Sun

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In my D&D game, I'm always bothered by the question "what time is it." It's weird to me that the characters would know that it's 3 pm. Instead, characters would probably look at things based on sunrise, midday, sundown, etc. I would love an in-game clock that is essentially a half circle with things like sunrise, midday, and sundown are spaced out along the circle. Time of day would be conveyed by the GM moving a hand to different areas of the half-circle. Perhaps it could work kind of like the turn order. Click a button, the clock appears, GM can adjust it, exit out of it to hide the clock.   Got the idea from this   my apologies if posting a link is against any guidelines. Didn't notice anything prohibiting it, just wanted to clarify my description of the feature by showing the image.

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Pierre S.
A great idea, to show a character's more basic or "primitive" concept of time. You could probably achieve it with Rollable Table Tokens.  Prepare a set of graphic files (.png is preferred because anything that's not the sundial can be set "transparent") showing sundial views at different times of day or night and store them in one RTT to flick to the one you need!