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D6StarWars Recent Update Support Thread


Edited 1509692427
First of all, I'm sorry for the changes that didn't work, I should have waited until someone could try them out with a Pro account. So there were some things wrong with the update, and I'll start to work on fixing tomorrow.   The perception and strength skill were reset all ability, force & str skill rolls from sheet are wrong, use the macros or the custom roller att bottom of sheet The weapon section isn't repeating any more, but I'll change it back as soon as possible. might have removed the information for existing weapons. The new armor sections attributes don't appear on A&A tab, which probably broke their roll in their own way. Stuff that works: new attributes WoundStatus(tracks dice penalty to rolls), Force_ControlPain_ResistStun(tracks whether to negate woundstatus), Force_Emptiness(to track if the +6 from force power emptiness should be applied to force rolls), Force_Up(tracks the penalty from the numbers of force powers up for the character) Custom roller at the bottom of the sheet Character point dice roller At the bottom of the sheet Star wars logo reintroduced to sheet, and a d6 icon can be applied the roll buttons(only custom roller and char point roller so far Edit: I've made the fixes and the devs should update around next tuesday.
Okay, so today's update: Perception skills and old weapons are back! (but damage rolls did disappear from weapons) All skills and attributes now rolls with a template and dice/pip mod can be given(Force control still gives bad rolls) Armor section is repeating, but dice minimum are 1 to stats, which will be changed to next week.  A initiative skill have been added to second section next to char points, with a roll that sends to tracker Custom rollers, with and without wild die have been added to same section Roller for char points have been added next to char point attribute Force and Background section can now be hidden with a checkbox each Mentioned errors will be fixed to next week.

Edited 1510679878
Today's update: Force Control roll corrected weapon damage rolls works, but name isn't displayed Soak rolls from armors works now Control Pain/Stun Still doesn't work properly, do not use Mentioned errors will be fixed next tuesday.
Today's update: Weapon name now properly displayed when rolling for damage from the sheet with weapons
Today's update(going live in the next 24 hours): long range and ammo number fields made wider(Thanks to Khoa P. for pointing it out) moved Force Powers textarea to better position and gave it proper height made two description textareas bigger formatting for initiative field and dice added 5th option to "nr of force powers active#

Edited 1519158117
Changes 2017-12-5: disabled "Force resist Pain" in force section( didn't work properly) enlargen star wars logo & change dice pic to one with transparent background(Thanks Aarip for the pics) init bonus line fix Armor section minor text changes made pip input boxes smaller(need only a single digit as opposed to any other input box) fixed duplicating textfields Character connections <-> Other Notes (thanks Greg for noticing) Changes 2018-02-13: vehicle/ship text blocks have been added to the bottom of the sheet, and will in the future have more fields, rolls added and moved to a separate tab A "lightsaber combat" option have been added to the Force section so you can have your attack and damage rolls preset for "lightsaber combat" if you don't want to change it back and forth in your weapons section. Your sense dice is automatically added into the attack roll(which also takes in consideration your wound levels and number of force powers active). The damage roll you'll have to set yourself for the right amount, as per REUP rules you can decide how much damage you can add or subtract depending on your force control dice. It's not looking so good but I'll clean it up with next update. Changes 2018-02-20: weapon section roll fixed now Force section looks a bit nicer