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LFP Pathfinder Thursday Evenings Every Other Week


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Turalynn: Pathfinder I wanted to give my previous players a chance to revive their previous characters.  That didn't happen.  So although this appears to be the ruins of a previous game, it's actually a start from scratch on the same world. A lush, interesting campaign setting. A no-holds-barred character types agreement. Sure I loathe Gunslingers and Barbarians, but if that's fun for you, go for it. Come to an all-human world as a half-Teifling/half-draco.  See what happens. An active, inquisitive discord group that keeps the fun rolling between games. Characters start at 5th level, and get standard 5th level starting money. That's actually the only restriction. 7 PM US Eastern Time, beginning November 30
Andrew R.
Sheet Author
You should put your time zone in your profile and post. It helps GMs and players choose you.

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would third party and gestalt be allowed? I been wanting to do a certain build. I link if this is allowed i am in. Here is my idea. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
PM me with what kind of character you're looking to build.&nbsp; Generally, I've said "Paizo only" but I'm open to discussions if it's not disbalancing.
Are you still searching for a player?
We're still open to new blood.&nbsp; Hit the site.&nbsp; Request an invite.
We're full up.&nbsp; Thanks, one and all, for having a look.