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Rollable Table Import/Export script display options

Why when I use the rollable table info do I get this output?  Am I missing some formatting or something? Is it supposed to be a clickable link ?  I was hoping it would have a bit more pleasing look to it but not sure how to make that happen. 

Edited 1510852285
roll tables only output the words in them the using an example from my game: !rt 1t[minorpotions] output equals [[1d4]] cure light wounds potions.. in chat says 2 cure light wounds potions. in the table it says [[1d4]] cure light wounds weight 100 for testing. 
The Aaron
API Scripter
Try using: [[ 1t[MinorPotions] ]] If that's not sufficient, install RecursiveTable and try using this command: !rt [[ 1t[MinorPotions] ]]
That's a lot better that's for sure.  I used the !rt command like you said.  I'll see how it works, though I don't usually have random treasure in my game.  I think it will be much more useful for shapechangers and critical hits/fumbles.  Thanks for the help.