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Whisper chat macro problem

Why does this? /w ?{GM?|Rosalind Dunn ?|Mirumato Rin ?} ?{Message?} Generate this:   and how do I make it work correctly?  I want to select the person and then type the whisper message.  Also, why does the "GM" not work as a selectable option?  Thanks :-)
/w ?{person|gm|Rosalind|Mirumato} ?{Message}
For names with spaces, put them in "". Also remove extra characters that you don't want. So for the above /w ?{Who to Whisper|GM|"Rosalind Dunn"|"Mirumato Rin"} ?{Message?} The GM option here becomes the first now too as the first thing in a roll query is always the text next to the options, not the first option which is why it was not an option.
Thanks guys,  I really appreciate you helping out.

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Bast L.
API Scripter
NP :) edit: and thanks Vanakoji, I didn't know about quotes for full names.
The Aaron
API Scripter
You could also write that like this: /w "?{Who to Whisper|GM|Rosalind Dunn|Mirumato Rin}" ?{Message} to avoid having to remember to put in the " all over the place.  Also, the query from ?{} will get a ? appended automatically, so you can leave it out of the label.