Welcome spacefarers, adventurers, magical creatures! This week we're going back to basics and changing how you jump into a game to streamline the process, looking at the latest character sheets and API scripts from the community and spread some of our marketplace holiday cheer in the form of colorful assets and modules! Let's jump in... Developer Spotlight Added several campaign processes to a queue system Changed 'Join Game' button to say 'Launch Game' On creating a game, you will now be routed to the game details page rather than the VTT Hi rollers, Steve K here. We pushed out a major overhaul of our game creation, patching, and copying systems. We merged these processes into our super heavy slow lane of site traffic that we created to handle the game rollback feature. This system runs outside of the normal web host, insuring that it will never time out for really really big games or patches, and also gave us some more fine grained control over protecting the game from other processes, I.E. you can no longer apply a patch while you're including an Addon. I think one of the most useful changes is that there's now a really obvious indicator these long processes, some of which can take several minutes, are running and a clear indication of when they've completed. I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to write in last week to give their feedback on the Game Details page change, become the landing point for new game creation. We've moved forward with this change and it's now live alongside our queuing system. Responses so far have been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you again for helping us make Roll20 the best platform it can be. Steve K. Roll20 Lead Developer Community Highlights Character Sheets Check out this multitab beauty! Rotted Capes, the new sheet by Barry Snyder has a nice clean look and all the functionality you could ever need. API Scripts In case you've somehow managed to miss it, the new Star Wars movie is out!Let's celebrate with another space-themed release: It's a Trap! Starfinder theme - A new theme for the It's a Trap! script! Time for your game to get sleek as all heck... in space. Update to the Code of Conduct We've updated the Roll20 Code of Conduct ! It's now shorter and easier to navigate. We've also done some housekeeping in our stickies and unified the format, so make sure to reacquaint yourself with the ones in the subforums you inhabits. We hope you find them useful! On the Marketplace This week is a good time to accessorize! Without accessories, there is no style; without style, life loses all meaning and congeals into a giant gray blob that will drown all of us... Happy Holidays! Alchemist Lab by Chibbin Grove Need to drink the winter away? Decorate your fab lab with Chibbin Grove's Alchemist Lab and get your mixology on! Trap-o-Matic by Brass Badger Workshop Have unwelcome Holiday guests? Do away with them easily (without leaving fingerprints or pesky DNA) with Brass Badger's Trap-o-Matic. Heraldry Emergence by Villagelder Hang some of Villagelder's colorful flags to remind your neighbors that there is still light and color in this dark winter world, and that somewhere in the world people are warm and having fun (even if you are not). Roll20 Pro Map Pack We wanted to remind our pro subscribers that when we released Tyranny of Dragons , we also rolled out our Roll20 Pro Map Pack as a free add-on available to all Pro subscribers! The pack includes unique battle maps made in-house for random encounters featuring a Town, Tavern, Forest, Swamp and more! If you're a Pro subscriber, we hope you use and enjoys them! WOTC Highlights No Community Corner would be complete without a reminder that Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat , are available on the Roll20 marketplace! All Tiamat wants for Christmas is YOUr delicious flesh after a grueling showdown for the fate of the world... If you're confident in your party's ability to defeat the Dragon Queen, you can just go ahead and treat yourself to the Tyranny of Dragons bundle which combines both modules! Go forth and send this multiheaded dragon back where it came from. Onward into a relaxing holiday season! -Alex