Happy New Year! 2017 was a tumultuous year for Roll20, full of setting things up for our big upcoming year of 2018! Thank you all for coming along on this journey with us and welcome new users everywhere! A lot of good things are coming in 2018, whether community or VTT related and we hope you're as excited about it as we are... We can't exactly go into too many details just yet so let's dive into the meat of this update with a word from our devs. Developer Spotlight Major update to WebRTC integrated video and voice chat now on the Development Server for testing New administrative tools to help the Roll20 staff better provide service Bugfix: Copying games with Custom Sheets should no longer fail Hi rollers, Steve K here. We've pushed out to the Development Server a major upgrade to the WebRTC system. We're testing it there and would love to get your feedback . Even if you have no issues it would be really useful to us to see real game data, which you can provide us by clicking on the "Download WebRTC Debug Log" button under the settings tab. We're seeing some very promising results and hope to have this upgrade rolled out in the next few weeks, after we've had a chance to see how it performs in real game scenarios. Until next time, happy rolling! Steve K. Roll20 Lead Developer Community Highlights Character Sheets This time the sheet is by our team for our community! Rejoice, for the 13th Age Official Roll20 sheet got a huge update! We hope you try it out and enjoy the changes! On the Marketplace Fungal Forest - Mushroom Minions by DM Media Looking to test your players' mold allergy resistance? DM Media has two new packs of Fungal Forest tiles and denizens. Any Which Way: Map Artwork Winter Lands by Arlin Ortiz We may have passed the winter solstice, but the earth is still a cold, dead place. Remind your players that winter never left with another fantastic world building pack from Arlin Ortiz. NPC For Hire - Dark Elves and Dwarves by Knights of Vasteel Lend a wonderful old world asthetic to your game with these beautiful, hand drawn token / character card sets. This is Knights of Vasteel's 7th pack - so there's more than enough of these to fill your campaign and give it that polished, consistent look too! WOTC Highlights We were kinda hoping for this Chinese new year to be the Year of the Dragon so we could fill this section with puns and jokes, but it's the Year of the Dog so... uh... Bring your imaginary dog along on this perilous adventure in Wizards of the Coast's latest Roll20 modules Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat , available on the Roll20 marketplace! Every year is the Year of Dragon when Tiamat's on your plane of existence! If you're confident in your players' ability to take down that pesky Dragon Queen (or just like to see them suffer), go ahead and live dangerously by indulging in the Tyranny of Dragons bundle which combines both modules!  Hope this new year brings you joy and excitement!