[Mage The Ascension] Paradox Macro

Hi, how about folks? Beforehand I would like to warn you that I am not fluent in English and I am using certain resources to be able to communicate here, so I will try to expose my doubts very simply so that there are no errors. Trying to do a MACRO that calculates the Paradox points, I got there: ?{Type| Coincidental, ?{Negative Sucess|1} } | Vulgar, ?{Witness| No, ?{Sphere Level| 1} | Yes, [[?{Sphere Level| 1} +1]] } When it is coincident, Paradox is the number of negative successes. When vulgar, without witnesses, it is the level of the Sphere. When with witnesses, it is the level of the Sphere + 1. I hope you can point me where I am wrong, because even using replacements MACRO does not work. Thank you!
https://pastebin.com/raw/KysdqEZv That what you wanted? I don't play Mage: The Ascension so I don't know if I interpreted that wrong.
It looked great, but could you give me one last help? I would like to automate the Sphere Level using the @ {} values. What I was able to do is: ?{Type| Coincidental,[[?{Negative Sucess|0}]] | Vulgar w/ Witness, ?{Sphere|Correspondence, @{Correspondence}|Matter, @{Matter}|Prime, @{Prime}} ]] | Vulgar w/o Witness, [[?{Sphere|Correspondence, @{Correspondence}|Matter, @{Matter}|Prime, @{Prime}} +1 ]] } Thank you very much!
https://pastebin.com/raw/dDNF4KuC Like that?
It worked! Thank you, it helped me a lot :)