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[LFP] [Fate] The Dresden Files RPG - e/o Mondays EST


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We are looking to add 2 more to our Dresden files game. We are mature players looking for new friends to laugh and joke and play role playing games every other Monday. I have been GMing for many years but the Dresden system is new to us so prior Fate experience is not necessary. I Understand life &gt; gaming and perfect attendance is not necessary but being friendly and helpful is. My goal is to have a game were we can argue and laugh in character while kicking ass. Players will be asked to run one of the many factions and GM some adventures. Much of the world building has been kept open ended so new players can add their own elements to the game. However the plot takes place in London, a unique city due to its connection to the faerie realms. It has become a hub for the supernatural, and fiercely defends its independent status from wizards and vampires. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I'm interested in joining. I've played Dresden Files and I own a hardcopy of the Dresden Accelerated game, so I can keep up.
So much interest,&nbsp; it filled up quickly