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Masks 22.1 - Sepiatoned Images of Florida [Cutscene] [RP]

Concord and Mercury both got to mark Doom on their tracks during tonight's session.
Doyce T.
Sheet Author
Heheheheh. :)
With prep, the power supplies for the Quill complex should suffice.  So I'm not going to drag Harry into this (he appears busy with enough, and I don't want to add to the weird stuff going on with his dad, who would probably object). GG is actually the person who isn't available to consult, but Jason will see if he own mental affinity to GG (or, rather, her body) will help guide him; if not, he's willing to take a Doom (he'll keep quiet about that to Numina). So, assuming this means we can avoid a membrane breach, Jason's willing to go forward with this from a testing chamber at the Quill location. He's willing (if not thrilled) to have Numina along; his apprehension for her safety will give way to respecting her ability to choose for herself. (He's probably more sensitive to that with her than he would be with other people. )