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Macro Lag


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I am in a game where we make extensive use of macros. I first noticed it in a game yesterday, but whenever I use a macro that has an input (either a dropdown or a standard input) it takes somewhere around 20-40 seconds to actually load. I have multiple journals across the campaign (I sometimes DM, so I have monsters as well as PCs) and this occurs regardless of if I'm signed in as a DM or a player, and no matter which journal I am rolling from. Now, the interesting thing is that I am the only one in the campaign with this problem. As a result, the workaround has been having whoever is currently DMing press my macros for me, and they experience no such lag. After writing this up, I decided to try in another browser, and this seems to be isolated to Firefox. EDIT: I also checked with the other players, and some of them are using firefox. I am on 58.0 (64 bit)
Scott C.
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Keledrath, what sheet are you using? We're seeing a similar issue that seemed to only affect the Pathfinder sheet: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
It's not using a normal roll20 sheet, it's a DnD 4e journal, and the macros are set up to work off of custom attributes.