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These are the ones that nobody will actually play, but you could sort of see it happening, maybe...? Elfling (Protege) Real Name: unknown Look: ambiguous; indigenous; compact body; loose clothes; colorful costume Abilities: Shared: telepathy/telekinesis (invulnerability, social invisibility) Mentor's: weapons and gadgets (the toybag) Yours: detective skills (naughty/nice detection) Labels: Danger -1; Freak +0; Savior +1; Superior +2; Mundane +1 Mentor embodies Savior, you embody Mundane Backstory: How did you first meet your mentor? - I had a dream about the North Pole. Santa Claus told me to come to Halcyon City. When and why did you choose to train with them? - Since the Christmas invasion of Halcyon by the Vyortovians, when they used the stories of the old ways for selfish purposes. We can't allow that! Why did they agree to train you? - I convinced Santa that we should show Halcyon a positive side of Christmas! Who else, outside of the team, knows about your training? - mystic or supernatural beings will always know my true nature Why do you care about the team? - they selflessly protected children, what else matters? Relationships: You and Ghost Girl teamed up a few times before the rest of you came together (though she doesn't remember it now). Your mentor is cautious; they asked you to keep an eye on Jason Quill. Influence: Playful demeanor, Influence to Concord and Mercury. Protege Moves: Fireside chat: When you seek advice from your mentor, roll + the Label they embody. On a hit they will tell you what to do. On a 10+, mark potential if you follow their advice, and take +1 ongoing to follow through. On a 7-9, you get +1 forward to see it through if you do it their way. On a miss, they don’t have time for you because something big has gone down; mark a condition, GM’s choice. Be mindful of your surroundings: When you assess the situation before entering into a fight, you may ask one additional question, even on a miss. Heroic tradition: When you give someone the advice that you think your mentor would give, you can roll + the Label your mentor embodies to comfort or support someone, instead of rolling + Mundane. Mentor's Resources: false identities, badges of authority, a teleportal Elfling has the following powers: Comical Invulnerability. Elfling cannot be physically hurt, but will always take pratfalls, stumble, or wind up with a soot-covered face rather than manifest serious injury. They do not have corresponding super-strength, and may easily be tied up or knocked around. The power comes with a compulsion to act as though it were not in effect; Elfling will still duck, dodge, and hide if attacked, but could still take heroic action such as shielding someone else with their body. Social invisibility. They can go anywhere and belong, though they may be regarded as the lowest of the low (e.g. if infiltrating AEGIS HQ, they won't be arrested immediately, but they may be seen as a janitor or some other menial employee and told to get to work). Unleash your powers to extend this to other people or enhance your perceived rank when you are somewhere. Christmas Portal. Elfling can teleport themselves to any prominent display of Christmas festivity in Halcyon City, as long as nobody is observing them. Access to the List. They can tell who is naughty or nice, though may not be able to discern the causes or trends behind this status. When you pierce the mask , one of the questions you may ask is "are you naughty or nice?"; the target's player must answer honestly. Access to the Toybag. They can produce any item which has been given as a Christmas present in the city (anything from hand-made scarves to computers to cars), but may only gift them to someone else and may not use the item themselves. The choice of item is not up to Elfling ordinarily - it will be something that grants a child's fondest wish or teaches a naughty child an important lesson. Unleash your powers to try and affect the nature of the item produced, or to produce something rare, outlandish, or large (such as a car). Santa will censure the use of this power if used too often, producing only lumps of coal. Santa, and similar stories around the world, are all aspects of the Spirit of Generosity that pervades the world. The Spirit's wish is to give, but knows that there is evil in the world. Creatures like Elfling are given appropriate powers and charged with helping awaken the giving spirit in everyone. Elfling has forgotten that they are a real child, living in Halcyon, who prayed for power to fight back and help people after the invasion. Learning more about themselves may cause them to shift back to their original form more and more.
Learning more about themselves may cause them to shift back to their original form more and more. ... or may cause them to want to become a dentist. No, this is delightful. I can certainly imagine a campaign where this would work.
What if... Aria and Summer physically and mentally combined into a new unified whole, and took the name Pneuma? Pneuma (Bull) Real Name: Aria and Summer Skye Newman Look: woman, white, delicate hands, casual clothing, armored costume Abilities: Someone or something changed you, made you into a perfect weapon: superhumanly tough, incredibly strong, and uniquely skilled at fighting. Decide how each of those abilities manifests. [artificial body, hard light projection] Labels: Danger +2; Freak +1; Savior -1; Superior +1; Mundane +0 Backstory: Who changed you? - Rosa Rook and Rossum the Minion Maker abducted Aria, while the Sepiaverse mentally challenged Summer. How did you escape from them? - Members of the Menagerie came for me, in both cases. Who, outside the team, tries to take care of you now? - Jason Quill. Why do you try to be a hero? - To keep myself sane and balanced, and to combat injustice. Why do you care about the team? - They are my world and my family. Relationships: Link is your love. You’ve opened up to them about the worst parts of your past. Alycia Chin is your rival. They tried to control you at a crucial moment. Influence: Only love and rival have influence. Bull Moves: Thick and thin skinned: Whenever you have Angry marked, take +1 ongoing to unleash your powers. There when it matters: When you defend someone, on a hit you can hold 1 instead of choosing one from the list. Spend your hold when they are in danger later to arrive on the scene ready to help. The Bull's Heart / Friend: When you comfort or support your love or rival, mark potential on a hit. When your love or rival comforts or supports you, mark potential when they roll a hit. Powers: Aria has a brick's strength and physical durability. Summer has a hard-light projection system and flight. When the two are combined, the combination gets both powers and is a blend of both minds. When the combination splits up, both remember everything they experienced while in combination.
Disturbingly cool.
I could come up with some jokey Harbingers on the premise that Leo's tech produces some future kids who come back in time. Here's a more mysterious version of that hypothetical family, based on the observation that we have a Maiden (Summer) and Mother (Aria), but no Crone. CRON (Harbinger) Real Name: Unrevealed - self-identifies as "the third Pneuma" Look: woman, white, weary face, casual clothing, high-tech costume Abilities: You’re from the future, and that has its benefits. Plus, your powers may have had something to do with how you got back to the past—er, the present day, that is. “Now,” as the locals call it. Choose an option from the list below: telepathy & telekinesis Labels: Danger +0; Freak +0; Savior +2; Superior +1; Mundane +0; Future -1 Backstory: How did you travel from the future to the present day? - I hitched a ride with another time traveler What keeps you from returning to the future? - I lack the native tech to do it myself Why don't you have perfect recollection of the future? - The Temporal Observer Effect means that any time traveler interacting with the past necessarily disrupts the time stream, invalidating some of what they know What is the one thing you know for sure you've already changed for the better? - I saved Leo Snow's life from an assassin Why is this team the one you must join to achieve your mission’s goals? - This is where my family can be found Relationships: Concord turns away from the hero’s path, according to your history books. You have to prevent that from happening. You’ve always looked up to Charade , but it’s too awkward to admit it to them now that you’ve met them in real life. Keep it cool, keep it cool. Influence: Every member of your team has the power to change the future—your future. Give everyone influence over you. Harbinger Moves:  21st Century Studies: When you assess the situation, you may always ask “what does the future know about this moment?”, even on a miss. You still take the +1 ongoing to act on the answers.  When you realize the role that someone plays in shaping the future, mark a condition and roll +Future. On a 10+, pick two from the bright list. On a 7-9, pick one from the bright list, and the GM picks one from the dark list. On a miss, the GM picks two from the dark list. When you record someone's name here, they gain Influence over you if they did not already have it. At any point in the future, if you accept their Influence when they tell you who you are or how the world works (or will work, thanks to them), the GM may adjust your Future accordingly, along with any other adjustments to your Labels. When you are Insecure, the penalty applies to your Future as well. Powers: Ability to build robotic bodies using nanotech Assorted ill-defined mystic-mechanic powers with a magical power origin Unspecified computer-access, hacking, and virtual reality powers
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Not that I at all want to further complicate things with the Newmans, the Menagerie, or Halcyon by having CRON show up, but I so   want to further complicate those things by having CRON show up.
Forget it, here's the image that I think nails it.