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SR 5E Makro attribute not found

I am trying to create a skill makro that is exactly the same as the one used under the buttons in the character sheet. I open the Abilities&Atributes tab and create new makro there. I have a token for my character. It is selected. Goal is to eliminate all the superfluous information that the button displays in the chat menu, just give me limit and nr. of successes. however, testing it always throws error: "No attribute was found for" code is pretty much copied from the sheet code. /w @{gmonlyrolls}&{template:@{templatechoice}} {{shownotes=@{configshownotes}}} {{name=@{name}}} {{roll_header=Active Skill}} {{v1=@{Sneaking}}} {{v1_num=@{activeskillbase}}} {{v2=Attribute}} {{v2_num=@{activeskillattr}}} {{v3=Misc}} {{v3_num=@{activeskillmisc}}} {{v4=Limit Mod}} {{v4_num=@{activeskilllimitmod}}} {{v5=Situational Modifier}} {{v5_num=?{Situational Modifiers?|0}}} {{woundpenalty=[[@{calcwoundmod}]]}} {{limit=@{activeskillcalclimit}}} {{result1_label=Successes}} {{result1=[[(@{activeskilldiesum}+?{Situational Modifiers?|0})d6>5sk@{activeskillcalclimit}]]}} Any comment appreciated. programming and makro are hard tasks for me.
Scott C.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Does it specify what attribute was not found? That error should typically be in a format like: No attribute was found for @{milt|missing_attribute} My guess would be that you are missing a character in a skill name. I notice that the attribute names you are referencing are all as one mashed together roll. I'm not sure how the SR sheet does it, but sheet best practice is to substitute underscores for spaces in attribute names instead of camelCasing or just mashing them together as one long string of lower case letters.
yea, I just wrote the part of the error message. It repeats for all the atributes.