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Question: Multiple GMs and Personal Library Resources?

So, I'm part of a D&D4E game that has multiple DMs. I'm one of them. I recently ran a One shot as my first session since being promoted. After this, the other DM mentioned that some stuff in his Library had been moved around. I do not recall moving anything or even seeing other DMs stuff when using game. Does it combine all gms stuff or something else? Also, does anyone know if this is a thing that happens in Multiple GM games? Or is it a specific Bug with certain Games or something? Any answers will help. Thanks:) GF
I did this before myself. Only the main DM can make maps and tokens etc.. All the art assets are stored on his/her computer. The Co-DM can edit those maps control tokens and use the jukebox etc.. I believe that you would have to send the art assets to the Co-dm's computer in order for him/her to use them in the same campaign so they can make maps and tokens as well.
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Each art library is tied to a users account regardless of their status within a game. When you have a co-GM they would not be able to access/affect your library nor would you be able to do the same to theirs. You COULD however drop assets onto a page from your library for a co-GM to manipulate and likewise they could do the same with their assets. Does the DM in question mean the journals section rather than their art library by any chance?