Me and my players have used the FX for about a year now in our homebrew campaign (said campaign being very anime, so we rely heavily on the effects system), and we are still struggling to make the effects we want to. So I have a few suggestions. I'll order them from what I think is simplest to implement to hardest. Give us back the ability to control the sharpness of the particles. I've seen you had that feature before, and I find it odd you removed that. It's hard to make an icy effect without it. Increase what can be done automatically with a /fx macro. Namely the ability to set the spawn point of an effect relative to a selected token, and the ability to play multiple effects one right after another instead of simultaneously. As of right now, the only way to make a lightning bolt/meteor/ray of light fall from the sky is to manually fire the effect yourself, or to create an Effect Helper hidden off-screen that you must find the token ID of every time you create a new one for every new map. Also allowing us to delay consecutive effects would be a good tool against Lag. Allow us to increase the size of the particle emitters. If we want the entire place to suffer a downpour of fog, rain, snow, meteors, confetti, etc, we currently have to click around the screen at random or build a geyser styled emitter with gravity, and it doesn't look that particularly convincing. By giving us control over the size of the emitter itself (and thereby letting us randomize where a particle spawns in from within that circle), it would make weather effects and storm styled magic a lot more natural looking. Give particle emitters the ability to animate. I've seen at one point there was an API that could make an emitter travel from one point to another, but I think we could go further with this. The ability to rotate would be an amazing way to get swirl effects (and thus Hypnosis or Bullet Hell Patterns). Also if emitter size is implemented, the ability to have energy slowly gather in or out of a target would be equally as amazing. Allow us to use Sprites as a particle. Because sometimes, we just want to fill the room with bees. Additionally this could be a simple way to allow effects to display Lightning, Ice, and Earth magic with the proper effects. Let us adjust particle behavior after it's fired. Namely allowing particles to collide with tokens, particles to let out other FX when they terminate (like what the emitter can do), particles to aim towards a specified direction over time (like a homing bullet), or constantly turn so you can make a swirling whilrpool/tornado effect. (Maybe even play an entire particle effect in reverse, but I know that's probably way more complicated than it sounds). Give us a Ribbon Emitter, or some practical way to actually make Electricity. In Unreal Engine 4, you can create electricity by making a gyrating set of colored neon ribbons. Something similar would be much welcome.