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Script:cron does not accept timed jobs?

Hi there, I'm currently trying to use the cron script and keep running into a problem: When I want to set a time based interval, the script will still store it as turn based. I might not be seeing the forest for all the trees here, but when I enter the following comand: !cron --interval 10 Hello World   (oversimplified example...) Shouldn't it give out "Hello World" in the Chat every 10 seconds, since I do not have any rounds set? Any help would be much appreciated :-) Grettings from Berlin, Germany
From Southern Germany I send my regards ;-) The problem is that you're only using a literal 10 as the interval. The Readme states the following: if I is a single number, I will be considered a number of rounds So, just try giving it something it must interpret as a timestring will work, for your ten second example: !cron --interval "0:10" Hello World
Oh, cringe! Well... that was kind of a language barrier thing. I translated that wrong, while reading it... Thanks for the help! Greetings from Berlin