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Whisper macro

Someone have useful macro for whisper? I manage macro to whisper to player which i select, and players can whisper to me, but i am looking for macro to give to players whisper funcion, which i can see as GM too. Maybe some macro, which make a list of players on chat and with simply click on that you can whisper to specific character.
I'm a little confused, are you looking for a macro that will allow you to select a character (or player) to whisper and the GM will then also be able to see the whisper? Or are you wanting the GM to also be a possible choice for the whisper target? If the latter you can use this /w "?{Who|gm|C1|C2|C3}" ?{Message} Note that you can either use the first name for the character in CX, or you can use their full name. This is because of the quotation marks surround the name. Otherwise, a character with a space in the name may cause issues.
As GM i can whisper to players easily, okej. Players can whisper to me easy too. Now i want a macro to give a option to whisper for players, but simpple /w {Character} ?{Message}? is not what i am looking for. I want to make this whispers visible for them and for me as GM.
Then there are two things you can do, you can give yourself access to each of the characters. By doing this, any whisper to that character will be displayed to all players who can control that characters. Or you can simply add in a whisper to the gm in the macro like this /w "?{Who|C1|C2|C3}" ?{Message} /w gm ?{Message} In this case the user would still see only two prompts (Who and Message) but the message will be reused when sending the message to the GM.
Well i think that solve my problem. Thanks
I use different whisper macros: /w "@{target|token_name}" ?{What|nevermind} @{selected|token_name} speaks low to "@{target|token_name}" This line makes everyone aware of the whisper, but not the contents. /w GM ?{what|eh} @{selected|token_name} I also add a "ding" sound to the W/GM macro, so I am aware of the whisper.
How this works for players? They can't click on other player token
Barbossa said: How this works for players? They can't click on other player token @{target|token_name} is for targeting a token. You can target any token. In Al's example, you are targeting another player's token. @{target|token_name} is used for many things. Centering a spell effect, combat. Very useful.