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[LFG] [D&D 5e] New player looking for a regular game on Tuesdays around 6:00pm GMT +0

Hello my names Dai aged 51 and i am from Wales, my time zone is GMT +0. New player with very little experiance of D&D or Roll20 around 10 hrs of both in total. I am looking for a long term game on a Tuesday evening from around 6:00pm to about 11:00pm GMT +0. I am looking to have fun and get envolved in the story line, make new friends along the way and  Improve my roll playing and learn about D&D and Roll 20 as i go. 
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Hello Dai. I'm Andrew - an experienced D&D 5e DM, but just starting out with Roll20, and looking to get a regular game started. We're about the same age, and in the same time zone, so maybe we could get a game going? (And keep a look out for 2 or 3 more like-minded folk.)
Hi Andrew that would be great and will keep a look out for a few more players. I have been watching a few you tube videos and reading the players handbook and was thinking about a Stout Halfling Monk in the vain of Kane (Grasshopper) from the tv series. Got a sort of back story it needs some work though, i will post it below. Not sure if you have a discord account  but here's my contact info if you fancy a chat  Dai#9168 Has a child my parents decided to pack up all or belongings and head out in search of work in distant lands. Unfortunately during the long voyage there was a great storm and we ended up ship wrecked. Everyone perished that day except for myself. Lucky for me I was found by a stranger who looked after me and took me back to his home. Later i found out he was a Monk and the place he took me to was a monastery, thus began my training in the way of the fist. Has I neared adult hood I was told that I had to leave the monastery and was informed that i was to learn all I could from the world outside and further my knowledge in all things thus finding true enlightenment. There was a series of tests i had too complete before i could leave, which included breaking boards, fighting other monks and getting two branding's on both the inside of my forearms the pain was intense but I was able to block it out which enabled me to pass the test. I was given a few possessions to help me on my way. I have noted a few which might be of interest, a Staff, Hunting trap ( Wire snare), Flute and some travellers clothes. I also have a tooth of a cougar which I killed when it attacked a child near or monastery. Before i left the monastery i was told to head to the nearest harbour and look for a ship called The Endeavour.
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Hello Dai, I like it - your backstory is a great set-up for all sorts of adventures... I've sent you a Discord invite via private message.