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Forgotten Realms Homebrew on Saturdays, 5pst looking for player!

Behold the city of splendors, Waterdeep, jewel of the north! Where rogues, sell swords, wizards and priests all come to ply their wares to make fortune, gain fame, and establish themselves as names to be remembered through history! Or simply suffer a horrific death in some dungeon, left as carrion for scavengers. Greetings, Campaign information: This is a forgotten realms campaign, set in Faerun on the Sword Coast. Players will start off in Waterdeep, but are not tied down if they wish to go somewhere else. Players will start at level 3, we use point buy system for stats, Players handbook and Sword Coast guide are allowed for races and classes and Xanathar can be used for subclasses. Other books may be used for skills/spells at DM's choice. Encumbrance will be used, players will keep track of rations, food and ammunition. Magic items are uncommon. Starting treasure will be rolled base on character class to allow players to choose their starting gear, along with any items/money that come with your background. Dynamic Lighting is being used! There are some homebrew rules/features that I have added to the game. Mastercrafted weapons/armor can be had if you have the money and can find someone willing to make them. Players have the opportunity to eventually purchase and modify/build a base of operations with unique/special bonuses depending on their choices. Players may hire servants/hirelings to take care of their home base, cook their meals, clean their home, and guard their treasure vault while they are gone adventuring!  Other rules/restrictions/additions added at DM discretion.  This will be a no punches pulled campaign. Monsters will use their full abilities to try to kill you. Monsters will not simply act as bags of hps to whack on (unless they are just stupid creatures, and there are some) they will use tactics, terrain, traps, and flee if outmatched. Players can easily die if they make mistakes, or simply get unlucky. (which has happened) Dungeon crawls, wilderness adventures, or activities in Waterdeep will be available to players. Expect combat, RP, downtime activities and other opportunities within this game. I am looking for ONE  player for a Saturday night game of dungeons and dragons, 5th edition. I had to replace a player due to them missing two sessions after their schedule changed.   Players must be 18 years or older, and need to be reliable . If you cannot make at least 80+% of the games, please do not apply! Must be a mature player, if I make a ruling, if you object talk to me after the game. Must NOT be easily offended by adult humor. If a joke could be made on cable TV, expect it might be made in game at some point.  Players MUST be able to work well with others. I will not tolerate OOC rudeness between players. If you are interested, please post the following information, or send me a PM. 1. Can you make 80%+ of all of the meetings? 2. This campaign is rated R, with adult situations. Can you handle that? 3. What class/race do you wish to play? 4. How old are you 5. Have you played dungeons and dragons before. 6. Have you played this edition? 7. Do you know how to use roll20 8 Do you have discord, and a working microphone that you can use to hear and speak through? 9. Can you handle adult humor?  If I have any other questions I will ask, or if you have any questions for me please post or send me a pm.
Current party makeup. Bard, paladin, rogue, monk
Apply today!

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I'd be interested. My name is Michael, and I'm a 26 year old Pennsylvania resident (this feels like some sort of dating profile haha). I don't mind the adult situations or humor, and the idea of using the website with that much work put in is exciting. I'm interested in playing a variant human evoker wizard, with my feat being elemental affinity (fire). Basically I'm making Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. My second choice would be an Elf Fighter, if you were against the use of an arcane focus to simplify material components. I shouldn't have a problem making sessions, especially because it's later in the evening for me, and I get scheduled for a lot of morning work this time of year. I've played D&D before, and have a game or two nowadays, although nothing to conflict with this. I started in 3.5, but I'm a big proponent of 5th. I can use roll20 as a player, but I'm inexperienced creating anything outside of using a character sheet. I have Discord, and would be very comfortable using it for gaming. I've had it for a friend's Twitch stream I play with her in sometimes.
1. Can you make 80%+ of all of the meetings? Yes, I rarely have anything to do on the weekend. 2. This campaign is rated R, with adult situations. Can you handle that? Yeah I'm 25 R rated is no big deal. 3. What class/race do you wish to play? I usually prefer fighters but I can play whatever the party needs (honestly I'm more about the backstory and history of my character rather than the actual class) 4. How old are you 25 5. Have you played dungeons and dragons before. Yes, I have around 120 on roll 20 and probably another 60ish on tabletop. 6. Have you played this edition? I've only played 5e 7. Do you know how to use roll20? Yes, but it has been a while I might be a tad rusty. 8 Do you have discord, and a working microphone that you can use to hear and speak through? Yes. 9. Can you handle adult humor? Of course!
We have selected our applicant. Thank you all for applying.