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New to D&D need help designing a character for pathfinder.


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So I was invited to play a pathfinder campaign with friends. I have now spent a lot of time reading how combat works and other mechanics of the game. As fair as I am aware the group is fairly leniant with what is done with charater design. I have a concept of a character from a popular MOBA game that I would like to translate into D&D. The character is Shaco from league of legends.  Wiki info for character. I posted a link to more in depth info about them but I will also type a brief idea of what it is the character does. #1. Known for backstabbing and dealing additional damage while doing so. #2. Can jump a shirt distance while also becoming invisible for a short period. #3. Places a Jack in the box trap that when an enemy unit gets close enough triggers causing enemy units to become feared and flee for a short time while also dealing a small amount of damage. #4. Throws a shiv coated in poison decreasing an enemy's movement speed and dealing a fair amount of damage. #5. Creates a copy of himself that can be moved independantly dealing the same damage as himself but taking increased damage and exploding after a short time dealing damage and dropping 3 of the Jack in the box traps mentioned from #2. With all the design for the characters abilites out of the way the actual apperance is well.. A Demon Jester is what they call him in the game lore I will link an image below.I understand some of these abilites might not translate well if at all but would appreciate any and all help with trying to make this character a reality. Edit: I'm assuming I would need to do some kind of multi class character. I was looking at races I could use and I thought maybe kefling? So for the back stabbing thing I assume critical strikes would be a good way to translate that. The invisibility and movement one I had read something about moving on the shadow plane or something about a door of Destiny maybe? Will have to look on pc in the morning. The traps I have no clue about. Poison shivs should be pretty easy but maybe have them being returned from an enchantment or something? The clone one is also something I have no idea how to make work with d&d but I would assume there has to be a way.
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