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Duplicate Character in Journal

I just had a duplicate of a PC appear in my journal. If I archive one, it archives both. If I go to open the character sheet and make changes, they're both referencing the same thing. It's just appearing as two separate items in the Journal of my game. Not sure what happened or how to fix this. I've exited the game and re-entered the game and the duplicate is still there.
Not sure what could possibly have caused it. But as a pro, you can use the Transmogrifier to move the PC to a separate, empty game. Double-check that the copy really contains all the infos it should have. Then, in the main game, you delete both instances of the PC, and use the Transmogrifier to copy the one from the empty game back into your main game.

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I did what you suggested, and when I brought the character back, it  duplicated it again. When I go to the game I created to hold the character, there's only one instance of him there. I've tried both Archiving and completely deleting the character in my current game. Also, when I go to link a token to the character, only one instance of that name is there. It's really like there's only one copy of the character, just two displayed in the Journal.
Hm. Do you have any API scripts installed? A journal entry can't duplicate itself, but a script could possibly create and populate journal entries.
I am currently running RecursiveTables, 5th Edition OGL Companion, TokenMod and GroupInitiative.
I did however see this - Possible infinite loop detected, shutting down.
Hi Jeremy, What is the name of the game you are running into this issue and what is the name of the duplicated character?
It's my Storm King's Thunder game, and the character is Grimoire.
Gotcha! I will submit a ticket for the devs as they will have to inspect it first hand in order to resolve.
Hi Jeremy, The duplicate character problem should be resolved.  It became 'stuck' in the folder structure twice and had to be manually made unique again. Feel free to respond here if there are further issues or if this hasn't fixed the problem. Jeff
Awesome, noticed it was corrected when I came back from lunch! Thank you very much!