GURPS "Official" character sheet request to SJ Games.


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For all of you GURPS players out there. Please help me get Steve Jackson Games to support Roll20 in some way - minimally for an 'Official" character sheet within Roll20. Their forum is at: - You will have to join. I started a thread there: Any help would be appreciated.  Best!
Hello Mike. I saw your thread there and have contributed to it. Some of the replies were a bit off subject so I stayed with the main theme. In all fairness though, SJ Games does move rather slow on anything related to GURPS, except their new Dungeon Fantasy 2.0 Powered by GURPS system. So don't hold your breath.
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They would need to hire someone that understands the coding language of Roll20.
Yes that is true but a little effort on their part goes a long ways with the players of GURPS.
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If we are talking only about character sheets...the only language they'd need to know is HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. I'd guess, if they have website, they already have someone with the skills.
Yes they do have a big website. If they started with the character sheet would be a big deal I think.
I agree. Importing from GCA/GCS would be a blessing and streamline the entire process.
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They could always partner with Roll20 and have an official sheet made that way.
I wish they would partner. Lets all contribute to Mike's thread and maybe, just maybe somethign will coem of it.

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Here is something interesting I found on the Fantasy Grounds forum. This suggests that SJ Games is 'willing' to look at what someone else has done rather than they doing anything themselves. Perhaps that is what we need for Roll20?  I know that Ken F. has been working om and modifying the default GUPRS character sheet, aka Sheet #1 - Just maybe with a collaborate effort with other coders, of which I am not one, we might put together something for SJ Games endorsement.  What are your thoughts?
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What's the difference between that approach and the normal community sheets? An endorsement from SJG just means they approve, it doesn't do anything to keep the sheet maintained. The whole point of having an official sheet by roll20 or sjg would be to ensure that it stays maintained without needing the community to do it. I'm not sure what practical effect an endorsement would have?
Thanks G G, point taken. My main goal is to get their attention, that there is a community out there trying to get their help and participation. Yes I want an official sheet from them and maintained by them, so much the better in my book. I am just trying to find a way to get this started. Baby steps? Best!

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I think the point Mike was trying to make, and I may be wrong, is that it appears that for now we are on our own. Reading the message that was in the Fantasy Grounds forum, one guy is doing this all on his own with no help except maybe an endorsement from SJG. Maybe after he is done they will approve it and make it 'Official' - thus not costing them a single cent. Seems to me that that was how GCA came about? Armin did it on his own before SJG made it official (or am I wrong about that). They now pay him but it is not much and it is still a one-man show. I myself am at a loss as to what we can do.
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Contacting SJG is probably your best bet at seeing this project underway. If enough people ask for it, and the project is deemed profitable enough of an investment, then they might bite and get the ball rolling. You'd probably see news of it a few months later, and a few months after that they might solidify any contractual obligations and then they could start working on it.
Well I have posted in their GURPS forum and just recently posted in their SJ Discussion section which is for "General talk and questions about Steve Jackson Games. Some staff members may have continuing threads here.", and posted in their 'sticky' named:  What would you like to see on #SJGamesLIVE? You can see the post at: Who knows what that will do. but I will keep trying.
Hey guys, I was in a GURPS game with Scott and he is creating a GURPS character sheet.  It was way nicer than the default one in the system.  Perhaps you guys could get together with him and incorporate his changes into the default sheet?

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Thanks Omegaman I will pass this along to Ken F. who is working on the default sheet.
On the question of whether or not SJ Games is even looking at VTTs, I got short but direct answer directly from Steve Jackson himself. He said, and I quote "I can say that we have indeed discussed the VTTs. So we're aware." Well it is something.