Did the VTT mode requirements change for tablets?

Hey folks! I noticed that in all locations on Roll20 it says that a paid subscription is necessary to access Roll20.net VTT on a tablet. Currently, I am not a paid subscriber but when I login and launch a game on my iPad Pro it seems I get access to the same VTT that I do on my desktop, which for the most part works in the same fashion. So, is this working as intended or am I not fully understanding what the subscription benefits / VTT requirements are? Thanks. 
Without a subscription, it is just impossible to log in to the VTT on a tablet. There's no real difference in the interface.
Currently, it seems quite possible. As I do not have a sub, yet I can still draw maps and upload images to use on maps. Which is why I am confused and searching for answers. 
It's been a while since I was a free user. I might be totally wrong.
A tablet can access the VTT via a browser. It cannot be used to run the Roll20 App, without a paid subscription.
That's odd, the wiki  describes the opposite . Roll20 for iPad and Android , the free native applications with player-focused elements like character sheets and dice rolling or Roll20 Table on Tablet Support , a Plus subscription feature which grants access to the whole of the Roll20 virtual tabletop via supported mobile browsers.
Denzil, Are you launching a game that was created by a Pro subscriber? I believe that all the Plus and Pro benefits also apply to players in a subscriber's game.
The game was one I created myself when I first signed up and I have never been a paid subscriber. I just use it to experiment around with Roll20 at the moment.