Drop tables of various sorts are a popular option for game masters. This is where one drops dice on a table/image and uses the location of the die as well as its result to interpret the roll. For instance, I use a system for generating villages where I drop 20d6, 2d8, and a d12. The locations of the dice indicate the locations of structures in the village (e.g. the d6's are cottages) and the numbers rolled indicate something about the occupants (e.g. if the total of all the dice that rolled a certain number is 9, those homes all contain members of a cult). How this would be implemented: 3D dice are bounded by the grid area (they can't roll off of it). Dice leave an "advanced dice" die token on the spot that each die comes to rest. The rollable tables for dice icons should probably be updated to include a blank die, so the GM can share the page quickly with players, after noting the results, without tipping the players off as to the results or having to swap the tokens out for others. A GM would upload an image of a table to the map layer, or draw one within the app, as necessary and could then use it as a virtual die drop table. This suggestion would probably not have priority as a stand alone update, but would be a fun additional feature of a larger canvas update.