What a rollercoaster this week has been! We launched a new show, had a planned server outage for maintenance, then another unplanned site-wide outage that the community was very nice about, released more marketplace content... Let's catch you up one bit at a time! but first... Limited Support Notice, April 9 - 12 You may have caught this&nbsp; on our blog , but next week is the fully removed Roll20 team retreat– our whole team will be hanging out in person instead of functioning remotely! As such,&nbsp;we’ll only be prioritizing service outages, harassment, or billing issues for immediate response. Everything else may take a bit longer than normal, similar to our brief holiday hiatus . We may have some behind the scenes content for you all, so keep your eyes peeled there! Developer Spotlight API updates and polish New Tabletop Audio Track Back end Compendium and Marketplace enhancements to improve performance New Hardware Infrastructure for Help Wiki and Development Server Hi Rollers, Steve K here. This week we had two server outages, one planned and one unplanned. On Tuesday the 3rd we took our Development Sever and Help Wiki offline in order to migrate them to better hardware and pave the way for better support in the future. Both of these transfers took less time than we'd estimated and budgeted. Unrelated, on the morning of the 4th, we hit a serious database error on our live production server and suffered an extended outage. This outage required a full database restore which took significantly longer than expected. You can find the Postmortem on what caused the outage, what we did to fix it, and what we'll be doing in the future to ensure it doesn't happen again on the Roll20 Blog . Community Highlights Character Sheets What's better than a character sheet to play your favorite RPG in? Two character sheets for the same RPG to choose from! Enter Paranoia (Mongoose Publishing), a good looking sheet for the Mongoose Publishing version of the Paranoia RPG. On the Marketplace Each week, Dean - our Licensing & Marketplace Coordinator - presents some of their favorite packs submitted by our independent artist community: Dessert Isle by Brass Badger Workshop Candy candy candy candy candy candy candy CANDY!!!! In the not too distant future humanity will look back on sugar the way we do other hard drugs, but ask "wait, you knew it was addictive AND deadly and you still pushed it in endless quantities on your children?!" . Until then, let's freak out! Archmage by Red Table Games This is Red Table Games debut on Roll20, and it's really well done. It sets a goal of being a one shot session to get your 5e adventure started right, and it does just that will all the bells and whistles. Gnome Invasion!! by J.Baptista There is nothing I can say about this that it doesn't say about itself. I do take joy in imagining these gnomes are also made out of sugar, and I'm a me sized sugar addict arriving in their town trying to bite off all their legs. Blades in the Dark Debut! Last Monday we debuted our brand new miniseries for the Blades in the Dark system, The Butchers of Brightstones helmed by the incomparable BronzeGirl! The cast and response to them were phenomenal! Don't take our word for it though: the VOD is archived here if you happened to miss it, and the next episode is next Monday 2PM PDT over on our Twitch channel ! Follow us to get notifications when any of our talented casts go live! Roll20 What's Up Episode 6 Trivia, Ceejay, Jeff and Alex talk about their first time GM-ing on Episode 6 of Roll20 What's Up!&nbsp; Catch up on all of our embarassing stories and hey, maybe also share yours at <a href="mailto:podcast@roll20.net" rel="nofollow">podcast@roll20.net</a> - when we have enough we'll start a Q&A section in the video! Don't forget to mark your calendars, either, as the show airs every Tuesday, 3PM PST. You can binge watch every episode of Roll20 What's Up through its very own Twitch Collections playlist. Pathfinder Highlights Civil war looms, and the fate of an entire nation rests in your hands. Your party is the only thing standing between the heir to Taldor and an assassin's blade. Sharpen your wits as well as your blades because this adventure demands every skill you have! Step into the first fully-converted Pathfinder adventure for the Roll20 platform and give our new official Pathfinder character sheet a whirl in War for the Crown: Crownfall. We think you'll like it! Pick from 11 ready-to-play pregen characters or start with your own level 1 party and roll through the story with ease thanks to the complete set of 40+ NPCs and creatures, battle ready maps, and rollable encounter/rumor tables. Everything has been placed on the map for you and a simple click is all you need to check skills or create a random challenge for your players! Court intrigue plays a crucial role in this Adventure Path, which means that knowing or being able to find information on NPC motivations quickly is of the essence. Fortunately, each of the handouts have been carefully linked to help you find relevant info, and one reviewer who looked at this module confirmed that "What could be a chaotic jumble of moving parts has been elegantly adapted into this digital format so that you can get to the info you need when you need it." ( Bell of Lost Souls - Spoiler Alert! GMs only!). And when conflict does arise, "t he mechanics as far as gameplay are some of the best we’ve seen with Roll20." ( Bleeding Cool ). Your noble court awaits, so pick up War for the Crown: Crownfall and begin weaving your web of intrigue today. Buy the first part of the adventure right here on our marketplace - and check back soon for more as this story unfolds! On that note, I leave you brave and merry fellows to pack for the Roll20 company retreat! There won't be a community corner next week, so until then, happy rolling and be kind and lovely unto each other~ -Alex