Welcome back to your weekly community corner everyone! This week we have two beautiful new people to introduce, a new feature especially made for our marketplace creators and some of the usual content you crave! Join us! Introducing Stephanie and Tyler! The Roll20 party has plunged deep into the wilderness of code, but we were fortunate enough to meet two new adventurers on the way! Stephanie and Tyler agreed to join the party and help us cut through those gnarled branches and twisted vines. Please welcome Stephanie as our new Scrum Master, and Tyler as our new WebGL and Canvas Developer! Hi, there! I’m Stephanie Bryant. I’ve been a gamer all my life, with my dad putting my first d20 in my hands when I was about 5 (a dragon killed me!). Most recently, I created Threadbare RPG, a game about broken toys in the post-apocalyptic world. I’ve also contributed to several games and adventures, including TimeWatch and Mythic Mortals. I also knit, run, and play bass in a rock band. Hi everyone, I'm Tyler Jackson! I like history, philosophy, and games of all kinds. When I'm not doing any of that, you can usually find me out hiking or rock climbing. I'm super happy to join the team and excited to help Roll20 be the best it can be! We're so glad to have Stephanie and Tyler join our team, and we're looking forward to showing you the product of their talents as the Roll20 party forges on! Developer Spotlight Marketplace Publisher Pages Game Search results are now much faster New site wide bug handling system New Roll20 banners Compendium updates Source and expansions dynamically link Abbreviations in-app are now much easier for publishes to set Search speeds improved Bugfixes Marketplace searching and ordering fixes Game redirect when accessing when not properly logged in In-app Compendium search causing some queries to hang Hi Rollers, My apologies for being radio silent last week as we got organized. Changes since last time include a brand new Publisher Page. The new page allows Marketplace Creators to add information about themselves, their brand, and their marketplace content. If you've got something for sale on the Roll20 Marketplace check out your page and get it detailed. Be sure to pick your featured products, items you're most interested in sharing with the Roll20 community. We've also included some major optimizations to the Game's Search. It's returning results almost twice as fast as before. There were also some Compendium search optimizations and bugfixes. The major focus of the Compendium polish was to make it easier to set and update the "source" information (SRD vs Monster Manual vs Volo's Guide) for pages both in and out of app. This week we pulled the trigger on switching the underlying bug handler Roll20 uses. The new system we've switched to provides us with a lot more information about what errors users come across, what the user was doing when the error occurred, allows you Rollers to give us direct feedback after a bug-splat, and so much more. Our hope is that this new system will help us catch and fix rarer or more difficult to reproduce bugs before they can compound. This effort feeds directly into our new workflow being spearheaded by Roll20's newest hire, a Scrum Manager. As the Dev team continues to expand it became evident we needed help organizing and backstopping both feature releases, bug triage, and community feedback. As the team rapidly expands and the number of projects the team can work on at any given moment expand with it, we're designing new tools to ensure that there will always be enough time to quality control, document, and support every project. We're also hard at work planning and implementing the next major update. I hope to be able to tease more on that next week and the weeks to come. Until then, happy rolling! Steve K. Roll20 Lead Developer Community Highlights Character Sheets There's a new sheet in town! It's Ghost Ops (4/24) a nice looking new sheet for a new RPG! On the Marketplace Each week, Dean - our Licensing & Marketplace Coordinator - presents some of their favorite packs submitted by our independent artist community: Custodians of The Galaxy by Naughty Zoot This is the largest module by an indie publisher available on the Roll20 Marketplace. It has over 5 years of development and refinement behind it, and you see the quality and depth at first glance. I hope everyone checks it out to support such massive efforts by independent creators. Meteor by Red Table Games The 3rd installment of Red Table Games "Archmage" series, Meteor continues the series' trend of offering amazing, to the point, one shot adventures. For any group that needs a quick adventure for their evening, these are great go to's. Aaron's Map Tiles: Ruins & Rubble by Aaron Z. Arrick I became a total Aaron fangirl at pack #1, and at pack #4 my love only keeps growing. Aaron's packs are always perfectly gritty, fantastical, and simple to use. This Week on Twitch! Tomorrow Saturday 28th is Tabletop Day ! In its honor we have teamed up with  Take This's AFK Rooms initiative for a charity stream! Join us over on  our Twitch channel , pregame starts at 10am PDT! Let's help out a great cause together! Let's mix things up today and give you a broad look at our weekly Twitch schedule! Mondays 2PM PDT - our Blades in the Dark campaign with GM Bronze Girl! Tuesdays 3PM PDT - Roll20 What's Up, our weekly talkshow vid/podcast! Wednesdays 11AM PDT - VODcast of previous week's episode of Tomb of Annihilation with GM in Residence Adam Koebel! Thursdays 11AM PDT - our Burning Wheel campaign with GM in Residence Adam Koebel! Fridays 1PM PDT - our Tomb of Annihilation campaign with GM in Residence Adam Koebel, hosted on the DnD Twitch channel! Follow us over on our Twitch channel to get notifications when any of our talented casts go live! Pre-Order Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes Today! The Blood War rages on, but the powerful Wizard Mordenkainen has deigned to share his insights on this and so many of the monsters and conflicts that drive the D&D world in the upcoming release of Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes ! New Monsters. Over 230 new monsters to drag & drop into your D&D 5e games. Each creature includes complete stats, one-click actions, beautiful tokens, and original artwork. New Character Options. Explore deeper options for elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes and tieflings. Uncover rules for playing as one of the gith in their magnificent 5 th edition debut. New Lore. Information on the Blood War - the endless fight between devils and demons. Easily search and share handouts on the devilish Lords of the Nine, the demonic Princes of the Abyss, the Raven Queen and her servants, and much more. Pre-order Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes now on the Roll20 Marketplace! With this, go forth and have yourself a good, relaxing weekend! -Alex