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World of Darkness dice

So, I came across a few problems with using Roll20 for WoD, as listed below. Rote Rolls: In WoD there is such a thing as a rote roll, where one re-rolls all the "failed" dice (1-7) on the _first_ roll, not after that. "Botch" dice: On some rolls you remove 1's from the number of successes. Now, botch dice is relatively simple to keep track of (though being able to add some automation there would be awesome) but the rote rolls are tricky, any way one can handle those here? If not, any plans on adding support for such a feature? (re-rolling only once) If no on both questions, any chance there might at least be some sort of indication added that shows where the original dice ends and where the re-rolls (10's etc) start to at least make it a bit simpler to count them?
Forum Champion
Assuming you are rolling 4d10 you can roll it like this: /roll 1d10r<7>S + 3d10>S where S = the success number Note: the dice roller is getting a major overhaul and many new features will be added. Botch dice may be one of them. If it is not keep suggesting it and it may come. :) - Gauss
Thank you for the reply, but alas I think I was imprecise. The roll functions like this. 4d10 are rolled, the results are 10, 7, 8 and 1. The 10 is rerolled because they are always rerolled, the 7 and 1 are also rerolled because they "failed". This gives us three successes, we keep going. The next roll is 3, 6 and 10. The 3 and 6 are not rerolled, the 10 is. (10s are always rerolled). If that made it any clearer? Basically any of the dice on the original roll that fail (along with 10s) are rerolled, BUT after the original roll (when rerolling dice) only 10s are rerolled.
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I see, yeah, I dont know any way that can be accomplished with the current tools. Maybe the next generation of dice roller will be able to do something like that but I dont think it is right now. I recommend you post this in suggestions.  - Gauss
Nah. I will do so once the current update has come out, if it isn't in there. In the meantime this place works very well for GURPS and other systems.