Connection Issues

For the last few hours, myself and several other people have been getting this message every few minutes while in roll20. What is going in?
Same here, this is quite disruptive for my game.
Roll20 Team
Hi everyone, Seems that there is some mild service disruption for the shards your games might be on. You can check our server statuses here:
Roll20 Mod Team
Is there any way of telling which shard one's game might be on? Or is that dynamic?
Roll20 Team
There is not a way on-site that can be used to determine which shard a game might be on. Quick update from Firebase regarding the outages:
Do you have an estimated time of when the shards may be back up?
same issue!
Roll20 Mod Team
I will get that sometimes on my (low power) Chromebook on Wi-fi. 
Sheet Author
From the awesome Aaron in the pro forum The Aaron said: Some background info.  Each game is tied to a specific shard.  If you go to the browser console in game and type in: FIREBASE_ROOT You'll get something like: I'm pretty certain that -3 indicates this game is on Shard 3.  I've tried this on several Games and get various consistent results on individual Games.
I am also having this issue in all the games I DM, Can you give a bit more description of how to test for the sync shard with the console?