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GM looking for D&D4e players newbies and vets alike!

I'm planning on running a brand new 4e campaign. The world is mine to create and will not be ran off of any preexisting campaign module(s). This will basically be on a first come first serve basis and, of course, will depend on everyone's schedule. I like running campaigns as often as possible so if you are a busy body and don't have adequate time to devote... then this may not be for you. What I expect from my players: 1. Read. I expect you to have, at the very least, skimmed the rule set of D&D 4e, including but not limited to, The Players Handbook 1,2 or 3. 2. Have a microphone and, or a webcam. (Webcam not required.) 3. Come ready to release your inner nerd, or outer, as the case may be. Be ready to RP(role play) and delve deep into a back story for your character. This helps me make a better experience for all players involved. 4. Be patient! Because I only require a minimal amount of reading before we begin, some of the newer players may still be unfamiliar with the rules. I understand how it is to be a veteran of the game and have to carry the newer players but we were all in there shoes at one point. In fact, I come from a background of AD&D which is very different from 4the Edition. This means that, I too, am still learning some finite elements of 4th Edition. 5. DON'T POWERGAME! Honestly, this should be my number one rule because it's just that important. Seriously, guys and the occasional gal, I understand character optimization, but don't come into this with the mindset that you wanna be the very best, like no-one ever was. It's not happening! There is always that person and it's nothing but annoying. Just be creative and give your character flare. You won't hack up party members or blast everything you see a single gaze. Humble yourselves. You WILL NOT break my game. It is simply impossible. Don't even try. Waste of time. 6. Have fun! Of course, this is what it ultimately comes down to. We are here to be as social as a virtual tabletop will allow the introverts of the world to be all the while blasting imaginary foes to smithereens. What players should expect of me: I enjoy running campaigns and will do my best to give an immersive experience that flows with most everyone's style of play. I expect to spend the maximum amount of my free time possible, creating the world in which your characters will be involved. I will extend my knowledge of 4th edition D&D to all players that need it, to the best of my ability. I plan on giving the best quality aesthetics that I can give, within the VT itself. I frequently incorporate my background as a graphic artist into creating a better and more versatile aesthetics. That pretty much sums it up. Be aware that I have had to remove players that just couldn't handle these very simple rules but most people fit right in. So now all I need from you is a post stating your interest, your level of expertise with 4e(if not 4e then any other experience with a d20 based system), the time zone in which you currently reside as well as how often you will be able to play and what times, and lastly, any voice chat service you may be familiar with. The ultimate goal being finding some middle ground in which we can agree upon. Thanks! P.S. Don't come with any pre-made characters. This is from the ground up, and sorry if you were spammed with a link to this post. I had to get the word out and a link is easier than people searching through the whole LFG section. P.S.S. You can check out screencaps of my, currently running, campaign here <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.
Hey Ian, Cheers for the invite, I'd love to join in with your games and agree with all your rules. Let me know when you are setting up the next campaign by PM or email, (will pm you now.) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Hey, a newbie here, I've read player handbook 1 and skimmed some other books as well. I don't mind reading more of them if needed. I live in Norway (timezone GMT+1). I'll probably be available from around 18:00 to 23:00. I am familiar with these voice chat systems: Skype, Steam and Mumble; I'll also be able to learn a new system or just use the built in one. I have a decent microphone, I have a webcam on my laptop, but I'd prefer to play on my desktop. ~Julian
Hello, I'm interested in joining the game.I'd already read the Starter's Guide,reading Player's Handbooks at the moment.I'm from Poland(GMT+1) and willing to play mostly in the evenings(6 PM-??).I've got both mic and a webcam.Let me know if I'm in. ~Adam
I'd like to join up. I've already played a couple sessions of d&d 4e and have a headset. My time zone is pacific.
Count me in! 1. Played a Bit of 4th Edition. 2. Have both. 3. Hellsyeah, prepare for Self Expression! 4. I can be Patient :D 5. lets build our characters, NOT for supremely godly power! 6. Fun is the reason I play! LETS DO THIS! Hit me up on skype or on here at Pirate-Jake Oh! and For above, I live at +9:30UTC, Australia Time. But I can make my self available most hours! Gimme a Time and i can make it!
Hey All! Thanks for all the posts thus far. Normally this would be enough people for me to close this thread but I'm noticing a problem already. I live on the west coast of the United States. my time zone is PST(-7 GMT) and can start any where from 8am to 11pm here. The problem being that for those of you on the other side of the world (+1 GMT) my start times would be 4pm at the very earliest! Hopefully you can see my dilemma. My ideal start times would be anywhere between 2pm and 9pm (-7 GMT) with sessions lasting a bare minimum of 2 hours. I should have included this in my original posting but at least you know now. Howard, Julian, Adam, and Jake . If you can still make those times I may have spots for you, otherwise, sorry mates.
Hey, Ian, I messaged you, so I don't know if you counted me in for this, but I am HELLS TO THE YES for this, if you would be kind enough to send me an invite, I'm EST.
Hi Ian. Another completely new player. Like Adam above i have read the starters guide and working on the players handbook. Live in Sweden (gmt+1) but anytime should work. Have webcam and microphone and prefer to use skype or the websites voicechat. Let me know if this is happening! Olle
Also, I just finished the last part of the post, my bad. I am EST, I can play most of the day but would prefer either afternoon games or late games, if at all possible. I'm mildly experienced with 4E, I've only played a couple of sessions with it, but got through most of the milestones(combat, grappling, skill usage, etc.) I can use ooVoo, skype, ventrilo, mumble, and teamspeak, but I don't have a webcam.
Thanks to my commitments, My hours are really flexible thanks to the hours I keep. Your 8am to 12 PM is perfect for me, As would your 9PM - 3AM
Well, that equals from 22:00 to 05:00 for me, I have to go to bed at 24:00 due to school/work. So sadly I won't be playing unless the times could change. I wish you all happy questing and plentiful bounty.
I could play from 11pm to 2am (Brasil, -3 GMT). Because I study at night.
I've been playing fourth edition for sometime now. I'm available to play any time during the week. I work most weekends from 1 to 9.
Complete noob here. Have watched videos and working through guides now though. I'm in Eastern Time zone and work a full-time job (8-5 EDT) so later games work for me if you're doing those. If you have the room I'd love to join. If not I understand :P
I'm a DnD vet, played 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder and 4e. Living in Portugal, so GMT here. Your afternoon times line up perfectly for me, so send me an invite if you still have spots available :) Also have TeamSpeak3, Ventrilo and Skype, but I'm not opposed to downloading something new.
I'm a new DnD player. I'm on the East coast so I'm EST. Can play pretty much when ever. I'd love to join your group.
Greetings all! Fresh to the game here, have played part of a 4e campaign which has been my only experience thus far. I'm CST and work 9-6 M-F and could be available M-W nights for sure. Familiar with Skype, TS, and Vent and have a mic. If there is room and this time works let me know, if not have fun everyone!
Hey there, I'm fairly new to D&D, I've played a 4e for a couple months now. I'd love to play an immersive campaign with some cool people here, as my current group has stopped meeting for the summer. I live in HST (GMT-10, no DST), so that's a 3 hour difference to PST. I can start at 4pm HST (7PM PST) weekdays or any time on weekends. I'm familiar with pretty much all voice chat software available and willing to get another piece of software if I'm not familiar.
Hi everyone, Just a quick update for you all. Due to the clear lack of GM's and unexpected influx of needy players in this thread, I've decided to run three campaigns. One currently ongoing, and two just starting up. I have five players for my second campaign and I am setting up a third group now. Unfortunately, I cannot accommodate any players living anywhere within the time zones of -1 GMT to +8 GMT. I would ask that anyone within the zones mentioned refer to this thread <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> as it would be most beneficial to the European players. Tenatively, the groups are as follows: First Group- Wed 13th @ 3PM (-7 GMT) Ben Bryan Paul Mike Howard Second Group- Fri 15th @ 6PM (-7 GMT) Taylor Josh Clint Jake and possibly Felipe People I am unable to accommodate- Adam Julian Pedro Olle Thanks guys for the expedient responses and general interest. I will keep in touch if anyone drops or if anything changes.
Hey, I am just tossing a line out there in case you find yourself in need of another player anytime soon. I am a total newbie, I've played a bit of Pathfinder before, rolled a character sheet and got halfway through a campaign before the folks grated on me (lots of min-maxing and little substance, which I did not sign up for); but most of my experience with d20 gaming is vicarious. I'm quick on the uptake though, and from all I've seen and read, 4E is far more intuitive than 3rd edition (which was headache inducing to comprehend at first), so that won't be a problem. You seem to be a nice dude, and have interest in creating a world, or at least an atmosphere, which is really what I've been craving, alas, no one willing to play around me. Thus I have found my way here. Lets see, other bits and bobs... I have Vent and Skype, could be convinced at minimal effort to download TeamSpeak if so desired. I live in the Central Time Zone, later is generally better for me, as I do work retail, but I generally open (or at least midshift) and get out around 2:30 or so. In any case your time slots look good from that perspective. Hope to be a part of this all!
I currently DM a 4e game and am looking to play; if for some reason any of the players in your Second Group are unable to play I will gladly fill that slot. I understand and agree with your rules and have all the necessities. Edit: Forgot to mention I live in CST Time zone.
hey I noticed you were looking for 4e players, I've done a bunch of dm-ing and playing of various d&d would love to be a player again. EST timezone willing to play when ever
I honestly have not given 4e a fair chance tabletop side; but I wouldn't mind trying it out online if your still looking for players; I've skimmed over a fair amount of content in the books. GMT-5(US-central) if you ever get space for another newcomer; no worries if not since your already bogged down with multiple campaigns. Best of luck in all your sessions! Glad to see a committed GM out there! Some things about me; I've been playing d&d since 2nd edition (went back to learn first to play with my parents) I prefer 3.5(with some 3rd overruling) I actually DM a tabletop group every Tuesday. Best times for me are evenings any night but Tuesday; but I can play anytime (stay at home dad). I'll be around if you find yourself with room!
I'm will definitely join it, i played some games like Cthulu, D&D and WoD but it was like 5 years ago and i really want to get started with it back again. I love to make interesting and fun characters, from totally mad to grim and smart. I'm generally like to be Neutral Pure or Legal Evil but i can adjust myself. I'm not in the competitive side or what ever you want to call it, i only care for role playing and the story itself. I live in GMT -3 but i can accommodate my time for it.
Hey, long time tabletop player here, and am interested in an in-depth story-driven campaign. I'm familiar with various editions of D&D (AD&D, 3.0, 3.5, and 4th edition), Pathfinder, and a smattering of other RPG systems (most notably Star Wars Saga Edition) and had some great campaigns with some fantastic people. Delving into the inner workings of a character, what made them what they are, and how they treat other party members is always something fun to delve into. GMT -4 (Eastern Standard) if you ever get any room open for someone who just wants to roll some bones and have fun.
Wow, I can't believe how many responses I've received. Thanks to all of you for your interest but again I'm up to my eyeballs in RPG's, playing and GMing alike. I may attempt to run a zombie survival RPG, loosely similar to "All Flesh Must Be Eaten!" at a later date but I'll be making a separate thread when I can free up some days. So be on the look out for that and you are welcome to post whether or not you would be interested in that here but again it may not even be happening.
Very interested, I've built a 4e character but the DM's schedule of the group I was going to play with didn't work out for me. Please let me know if you have room for anther. I'd prefer weekday evenings (CST timezone)