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Players looking for a DM

Hi me and my friends are new to roleplaying games and we are looking for a DM to guide us preferably in D&D but we're open to others. We have a discord already set up so if you're interested we'd love to have you. We also have been talking about creating a community so players are also welcome to join us along with multiple GM's if interested to run multiple games in the same persistent universe but that'll come later. For right now we're just looking for a DM and extra players if interested.
Hi. How many players are you?
Hey Nick and Erin...Im also new to 5E and roll20.  I've read thorough the PHB and , have created a few characters so far.  I'm looking forward to some gameplay and would love to join in and learn along with your group.  I'm 39, work in the automotive industry as a design engineer in Tennessee.
Jason and Erin we would love to have you. We are currently 3 players strong so if you want to PM me with your discord usernames and I’ll sent you an invite to the server.
Hi Nick! I too am new to D&D and tabletop games in general, and would like to join your group and learn the ropes with you. If that's alright with you, of course!
Hey Nick What days are you guys free I want to pick up DMing and would like to take a group of about 4 through the LMOP campaign 
I don't think we'll have a set day or time cause we all work swing shifts but if you want to join us we can come up with something
I am interested in seeing if we could be a good fit. I have been DMing on and off for the last several years with a regular group of mine. If you are interested, I would like to get to know the players for the game and find out preferred play-styles and interests, talk about scheduling, and discuss any questions/concerns about gaming. PM me (preferred) or reply back here if you're interested.
I run a Noob Game on Tuesdays at 6 pm MT. If you are interested, let me know.
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By default a link such as ... is only visible to players already in the game, and only Plus and Pro subscribers can make their games visible to the public , but even then people not in the game can not post to the forums. The best way to handle this situation is to create a Looking for Group listing ; even if you do not enable it for viewing in the LFG Directory you can share the link with others and have a separate Listing Discussion forum just for those potentially interested in your game. As a bonus, anyone who posts to your game's Listing Discussion forum will have a big blue button by their username and all a GM has to is click 'Invite to Game' and an invitation will be sent their way. I hope this helps, happy gaming! :)
I will join as a player or DM :) invite please?
I would like to join as well. I dm and I’d love to play.