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[LFGM] 5E Module Free

A group of five players, including myself are looking for a GM to run a 5e Module that isn't pay-to-play. We've been having terrible luck finding someone who can run a 5e game for us. Homebrews haven't been working out.  We're looking for a GM that: -Does 5E Modules -Isn't pay-to-play -Can do Mondays and/or Thursdays evenings CST Hopefully there is someone out there we can have a good game with. You can contact me via direct messages or reply to this. Thank you.

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Hey I'm getting my feet wet as a DM and if you wouldnt mind having a beginner DM I can run you guys through LMOP or Hoard of the dragon queen. I can do mondays any time or Thursdays after 8pm CST