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Curse of Strahd and generic module questions

Hi everyone, I am going to start soon a campaign online here with some of my friends. I would like to play Curse of Strahd (I already own hardcover version). I am really considering buying a plus/pro account and maybe the module itself, but I need some clarifications before: 1)Does Curse of Strahd Roll20 module contains just the map I see in the hardcover version or did they add some player version of the maps? like, without showed numbers, traps, secret doors, etc. I don't want the players the see a trapdoor on the map I show them without even searching for it, for example.... 2)Does it contain Death House too? 3)Can I play Curse of Strahd or other roll20 WOTC modules with 5th Edition Shaped Character sheet?&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... or am I forced to use other type of Character sheet? Thanks in advance! Alessandro
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
1: The roll20 module contains everything that is inside the physical module. If the player map was included then it should be in the roll20 version. 2: Death House is shown inside it. 3: Not sure as it was setup to run with the roll20 OGL sheet.
Sheet Author
Hello, 1=yes, all the infos are on gm layer so players see a beautiful map without numbers and so 2=yes 3=no (setup for OGL) but yes with pro account and an API script to switch between OGL and shaped (not 100% sure about this though, maybe someone can confirm) :)
Sheet Author
API Scripter
3) Yes, the Shaped sheet is set up to convert OGL monsters.
Thanks to all! I really don't like the OGL sheets, so I wonder if the conversion is automatic or need some work, it could be crucial in the decision of buying the module or not, while I guess plus/pro account is a must have.
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
For the dynamic lighting, yes a plus/pro account is needed. Changing the sheet is done in the game setting page outside the game. I would give link but I'm using my phone at work.
I am reading the features carefully. If I understand correctly, dynamic lighting and Advanced fog of war are available with a plus account.&nbsp; The pro account adds F/X tool (funny, but not particulary useful besides graphic effect), transmogriphy (I don't need it) and roll20 api. I am wondering, do I need the Api's to run CoS with shaped sheets?? What do they add of useful to the game experience?