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A new system I was fortunate to play

Last week I was fortunate to play A Very special episode   Its a sci fi show were you play an actor playing character in the show. It sounds more complicated than it really is and the system is very natural and easy to pick up, I urge anyone that is looking for a new and fresh system to give it a try.

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Nice, Lex! I'm into this too. Roll20 is the first platform to release this game. The game creator, called Naughty Zoot, not only designed and developed the rules but also digitally painted lots of original art. Here are all of the supporting products by Naughty Zoot on the Roll20 Marketplace: We plan to run the game again on Friday June 22, for Roll20CON . Message me directly (through Roll20), anyone who is interested in watching the game on Twitch TV, YouTube, or possibly applying for a Player slot. I wanted to play it, Zoot wanted to see a stream of it, so we recruited the game's creator to GM and teach us the game, live on stream.