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[LFP][D&D5E] New Story-Focused Campaign Open to All Players (Sundays, 8pm EST)


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TL;DR - New Story-focused D&D5E Homebrew Campaign running on alternating Sundays 8pm EST (3hr sessions; flexible start date). Characters start at Level 3. Gritty, low-magic setting with detailed open-world for player-driven story. New players welcome. All players expected to be collaborative, cooperative, respectful. DnDBeyond paid GM subscription content support available to all players. 18+ themes but no explicit sexual content. Free to play. Roll20 + Discord required. In the world of Fulian, magic itself is the most precious natural resource. Capable of defeating all manner of threats to the civilized world, from monsters and sickness to starvation and even death, magic means survival. But it also means power. Nothing is more fiercely coveted than that which grants mortals access to the Arcane: namely, Books and Dust (specifically, diamond dust). Thus, consolidation and control are the rules of the day as vast kingdoms and private agents alike fight to keep the powers of magic in the hands of the few, while the many struggle to survive in so dangerous a world without it. In Fulian, folk have grown to trust only in themselves. Hope in magics, from above or below, is always a fool's hope... Game Details Sessions will be held every other Sunday, from 8:00pm EST to 11:00pm EST . Flexible start date (late June/early July), with plans to continue running for several months. Flexibility and absences are fine with advance notice. Too many absences may result in a player being replaced. Sessions will be hosted in Roll20, with Discord used for audio-chat (no video). This campaign will always remain free to play. Characters will start at Level 3 and can be anything canon/printed with no restrictions on basic starting equipment. Game Style The campaign will employ a range of tones throughout, while overall leaning more towards serious rather than silly . Campaign arcs will be heavily influenced by party choice and player conduct. Individual sessions will regularly include both combat and non-combat scenes. Non-combat encounters will feature real-time voiced role-playing , and combat will be narrative focused. Tactical and interactive elements will be featured regularly in combat, but minis/tiles will not be used. Instead, quick “napkin sketches” will be drawn up as needed. Collaborative, cooperative, and respectful play are required at all times to maximize everyone’s fun. While your PCs may not always get along, everyone as players should be able to so as to keep the story moving. So, keep it friendly and think about one another. It’s also especially important when playing online to keep yourself focused, out of respect for both the other players and the GM (i.e. no Hearthstone matches in the background, even if it’s not your turn in combat). The GM Hi, my name’s Rose and I’ve been GMing for a long time now. While I’ve discovered a lot along the way, it’s a constant learning process. Rich and responsive GMing is as much about people as it is about juicy descriptions and rules. That makes every campaign, party, and session a unique challenge. It’s also why I love opening up campaigns to new players every few years to try new things and share in new stories. The best adventures are the ones shaped by everyone involved, and everyone brings different things to the table. As players in this campaign, you will have free access to DnDBeyond online content through my paid Master Subscription. This will include all of the reference content you will need to create and track your characters (race, class, feats, abilities, spells, equipment, etc.). This content will be non-shareable outside of our campaign, as per its terms of use. How to Apply If you’re interested in joining this adventure, please send an application e-mail to with the subject line “Fulian Application.” Please include the following: A brief description of yourself and your experience level with tabletop RPGs. All ages, genders, and experience-levels welcome! Having zero experience is totally fine, it's just good for me to know that sort of thing in advance. No need to provide any identifying personal information (real name, age, location, etc.). Why you want to play in this campaign. I want to get a sense for what you love about D&D or why you think you’ll love our campaign together. This allows me to better cater the campaign to what my players enjoy most. Your expected schedule availability. Provide a rough estimate on how consistently you should be able to attend our sessions in the near future. A character concept (optional). Feel free to create locations, factions, or NPCs for your origin story. The major Kingdoms and regions have already been designed, but I'm happy to add player lore into the world.  This campaign won’t be starting for a few weeks so take your time! Applicants will be assessed based on level of interest and consistent schedule availability. May the roads rise to meet us, Rose
I sent an application!
Application sent.
app sent
Sent an Application
Application sent!  :) 
App sent

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Thanks for all the interest so far! Update: Keeping post open until end of day tomorrow (Friday, June 15, 2018) for folks to apply. Won't look at all applications till post is closed to give everyone a fair shot.
Sounds like my type of game, email sent.
Sent my application in just now. Looks really fun!

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I have send you an application. I hope you will consider me, and not just dismiss me out of hand because of the sheer volume of words i've used. :P
Application sent, I look forward to hearing back! But I agree, asking me for character ideas maybe had me go off the deep end on the word count haha.
I've sent an application!
application sent :) 
Also posted an application, I thank you for keeping it open!  I hope everything goes well.
Thank you so much again to everyone who took the time send in applications! I've gone through them now and will be sending out individual e-mail replies shortly.  As expected, there were many more applicants than slots available. But for those of you that don't make it into the campaign, I encourage you to form your own groups with one another. There's enough of you already gathered here with a like mind and interest to run several campaigns like this, so make one of your own!  All the best in your adventures, Rose