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Custom Sheet conditional rolls?


Edited 1530174959
Hi! I've got a quick question for you all since I have been unable to find the answer and I'd rather not spend a lot of time working on a custom character sheet if it turns out it doesn't have the functionality I need. So currently I am using Power Cards and basic attributes for my character sheets, with several macros that have a bunch of conditional logic to smoothen out rolls and reduce confusion. This includes things like: Calculating damage based off the character's attributes and whether the roll is a crit or not Making attacks that roll a natural "1" or "2" fail automatically, thereby not showing any damage rolls at all Limiting die rolls to a maximum and minimum value since natural 20s need to be rolled and you cannot roll lower than 3 normally in my system. Different outcomes depending on how high you roll. For example, if you roll 4-8 something happens, if you instead roll 9-13 something different happens. are these kinds of conditional statements able to work in a custom character sheet or is it only possible to do this stuff in API? If it is possible, could you maybe guide me to either a relevant topic, or possibly even a character sheet that uses such logic that I can look at? It would be greatly appreciated! Also, if it is only possible to do this in API, would it be possible to create a work-around where the character sheet can populate itself with macros that essentially access the appropriate API?
Interesting, it seems that you are indeed able to input powercards commands through custom sheets, meaning I'll be able to at the very least re-use my current macros and insert them into my custom sheet, though if there is a way for custom sheets to check for specific outcomes that might be a much smoother solution!