Want to see if there is an actually interest for this as well as help with the logistics of making it happen. 1st: We would be using a game I made called Worlds & War, which is heavily inspired from Dawn of Worlds. 2nd: Within said World Building game we would be playing as the Dawn War (DnD) Deities. Asmodeus Avandra Bahamut Bane Corellon Erathis Grummish Ioun Kord Lolth Melora Moradin Pelor Raven Queen Sehanine Tharizdun Tiamat Torog Vecna Zehir That's 20 players plus me. To make this work we would most likely have to do a play by post. However I've never ran play by post games before and it would be a new experience for me. Leave interest and advice below please.